Bird at Joe's

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 20 Aug 2018 22:57
Bird at Joe's
Before we got busy chatting, I asked for this picture as soon as we arrived this morning. Vicky (not too well with Bruce, her third kidney transplant but fingers are still well and truly crossed) and Bird.
IMG_0032  IMG_0033
Emmie wanted in on the action and practised her smile like a true professional.
Fingers poised, Emmie gave her best Pear’s Soap face.......
Each time Josh or Ben came down from computer football contests we were treated to lovely hugs.
IMG_0038  IMG_0039
Lunch time (Vicks, Harry and Emmie) and a full up Kaiser.
IMG_0044  IMG_0046  IMG_0049
When doesn’t Bear grab a seven and a half minute power nap ??? A visit from Harlow (the dog) as we all tucked into peas in their pods and Ben makes an Emmie sandwich.
So difficult to get Joe to pose and or smile so delighted with this one of brother and sister.
IMG_0047  IMG_0048
Meanwhile, Josh whisks in for another round of hugs, they know we have to fill our Hug and Kiss Jars until we see the grandbabies again.
Me ‘n My (two of Little Ones......)
Sadly, the evening rushed at us and Family Law bade their ‘farewells’. Bear stood in for Danny who had to stay at home in Manchester with the dogs.