RNP 3 - Part 2 - Nori

Safari Number Three, Zone Two in the Ranthambore National Park – Part Two
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Scenery lovely.






Sambar deer, female. We saw the back half of a wild boar too.



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We stopped at a creek and watched a peacock quench his thirst, above on an overhanging branch I spotted a kingfisher. 





As I went to take the chap on the left the fella on the right photo-bombed....”and me”......




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We suddenly picked up speed, stopped suddenly for me to take this picture of a couple of young Scops owls and off we roared, over a ridge to see a couple of jeeps gesticulating to slow and look. Not more than ten feet from the track deep in concentration was Nori.



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Two and a half years old, staring at nearby spotted deer, Nori had two sisters by her mother Sultana. Nora lives in a nearby zone, the other sister was given to another reserve in Rajasthan. As we sat and enjoyed this stunning animal more jeeps arrived (not as many as yesterday and no people trucks). There was the expected jostling, one jeep even clipped ours as it passed. People got cameras from crinkly bags, sneezed and generally acted selfishly but Nori was not to be distracted from her watching. Her plan, we were told, is to meld so much into the background so that more grazers feel confident enough to return, as they get close she will pounce.





We thought for a few seconds she would give chase when all her hind muscles tensed, her front paws squeezed tight and there was definitely a fizz of anticipation in the air, but, the risk of losing a chase would clear the area for quite a long time. Clever strategy.



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We stayed with her for half an hour and the only big movement she made was to put her head on her front paws and study a mongoose as it trotted through her field of vision.





Just love the white dabs on the backs of a tigers ears.



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A real giggle when this treepie landed on the jeep, not being the centre of attention or succeeding in getting a treat, it became our second photo-bomber of the day.



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Such beautiful markings.





Ears alert but time for a doze.





We left Nori at nine thirty and as we were nearing the exit of Zone Two we saw this gray langur with her very, very new baby.....





The rest of the troop sitting waiting for treats from passing jeeps.

                     BRILLIANT MORNING