BRYC Welcome

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 12 Dec 2019 23:57
Buffalo River Yacht Club Welcome, East London
Although we only spent two nights at sea, everyone spent the first day in East London resting and sleeping. The cold and rain kept us wanting to stay snuggled up but today we began to emerge. It was time to venture ashore. It has been many years since Beez has been front and back tied in a ‘trots’ (last time in Fowey, Cornwall) but here she sits amongst friends and fellow yachties keen to get to Cape Town. It blew and absolute Hooley today and the consensus is one of “glad we are not out there”. 
Dinghy dock view from the Yacht Club.
We all enjoyed a wonderful welcome from the new Yacht Club manager, Mark, in post for just six days. Soon signed in, drinks in hand – well colour me happy – a can of Strongbow Gold Cider mixed with a Velvet Stout........ I took tuna salad and Bear a pork chop as we were sure of the braai needs. After we enjoyed a good, hot shower we settled to post-sail analysis and talk of weather windows (as always) but soon began having a great time. The Yacht Club produces meat packs in 8x6 inch stryofoam dish which consist of a pork chop, small piece of steak, lamb chop and a six inch Boer War sausage for the princely sum of three pounds sixty-two pence. For a further one pound three you can help yourself to salad, coleslaw, rolls and sauces.
Mark expertly brought the coals forward from roaring fires, placed grills on and the cooking began. Contented yachties enjoyed. 
Quote of the day from me. I didn’t spill my tea down me, my mouth was just in a different place to my tipped cup as I was typing with one hand........ Mmmmm, I’ve heard it all now..... Don’t talk.