Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Sun 22 Jun 2008 09:29
Victor Hugo said "A day without wine is like a day without sunshine"
We have had mostly sunshine this week in Guernsey.
Bear with the castle behind him, the busy St Peter Port and this time its a cock crab, more white meat than a hen.
Bear with the girl over his left shoulder. Westerly owners and a power boat rally in. When they left it was "is it something we said", me with Beez over my right shoulder.
We took the ferry for a day out on Herm, Bear with St Peter Port in the background and pointing to Bears Beach.
         Bear on a lovely beach, if the weather was really hot you could pretend to be in the Caribbean. Herm Harbour as we leave.  This Millard Bike Shop poster we saw on our return. The next day we walked  
       to the shop and spoke to Tim Millard the grandson of Thomas Millard of Trowbridge seen on the poster. We will email him the family tree as he thinks there is an Aaron in common. Small world.
       Ian (Mark's uncle) and Yvonne live on Guernsey, wonderful to see them again. Ian picked us up and helped us enormously by taking us to the battery shop (bow thruster played up), the supermarket and for tea on the beach. Ian took us to lunch at The Bon Port Hotel which overlooks The Pea Stacks that Renoir loved so much. A photo he took of us with the stacks behind. A huge Thank You to Ian and Yvonne.
Ian put us in touch with Paul Domaille 07781 143013. He sorted me out technologically. The sat phone and laptop didn't want to talk to each other, I had done all I could, next step was to chuck it all over the side. Paul reassured me I was not an idiot (thank you), it took him some time to cure but all ended well. He loaded AVG8, took off Norton, cleaned up stuff we didn't need, loaded Paint Shop Pro 7 and sold me a very neat WD Passport 160Gb hard memory that is only the size of a wallet, backs everything up and will easy to take home. He also gave us a lesson in how best to use the RV Wave signal enhancer.
Guernsey certainly has the best computer wizard ever. A MASSIVE thank you to Paul.
Many people assumed Ian was Bear's brother, there is an amazing similarity. Once again spoilt with lobster and champagne. Tomorrow off to France.