Teashop Quest

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 1 Sep 2015 22:57
Today We Try to Walk to the Teashop
Today, although we remain in voluntary quarantine - until we rid ourselves completely of our bug – Bear suggested we try to stretch our legs and walk to the teashop on the other side of the island. I felt this was an ambitious project but we can always turn back if necessary. Going ashore at really low tide was a wiggly affair and Baby Beez looked quite stranded on the beach.
IMG_4757  IMG_4758
Up the steep hill went the resort golf cart with some newbie luggage, we followed, although we were offered a lift – do we look that pale ???
IMG_4759  IMG_4760
We take a breather at the pineapple bed. Half way up we take a look at Beez Neez – in the middle.
We make it to the top of the hill and are rewarded with a view. So much reef.
IMG_4763  IMG_4765
Navigation in these parts is not for the nervous.
IMG_4769  IMG_4777
The resort boss is having a home with a view built at the top of the hill, next to one of the banks of solar panels.
IMG_4771  IMG_4775  IMG_4778
We read a bit about APS which gives us another breather. We step over a naked wire and pass a smoking ‘land fill’. Bit concerned about them trying to burn two gas cylinders.................. Moving on then.
One more look at the view and then we follow the track into the trees.
IMG_4794  IMG_4793
We stop to enjoy a break in the foliage and the next thing Bear is extracting himself from a ditch. Upright, he wants the camera from me [I always have the strap around my wrist] somehow the strap snags and the camera crashes to the floor. It still works but now sports a chip in the bottom right corner, this cup of tea we are en route to could be the finish of us........
IMG_4803  IMG_4797  IMG_4799
We get to a fork, I suggest left, Bear says right and off he goes. We begin going downhill and cross several bridges.
We come out of the trees, find ourselves on grass looking out between coconut trees we see a beach. Out on the beach is there a teashop, no, we are just beyond the sandspit – on the wrong side of the island. We are looking toward the gap between our island and Turtle Island. The very picture we took in the Is It Blue blog. Well, it’s a very low tide so we might be able to walk through where we took Baby Beez, the teashop should be just around the corner to the left. A little snag goes off in my head, I’ve heard this sort of thing before but out pops OK we’ve come this far we might as well give it a try.
IMG_4814  IMG_4815
Off we go. It’s amazing to see so much sand.
The Blue Lagoon who pulled the plug out ???
My now drooping spirit is lifted by this starfish.
We walk as far as we can beside the mangrove. It gets very muddy and we start to sink in. Time to call it quits and turn round. Are we going back over the hill or shall we go along the beach. I think its fifty fifty on distance. I’ll take the low road then.... We remember a cruise ship is in [seen in the top picture] so we are not really allowed to walk on the private bit of the beach today, yachties are welcome the days when no boat is in bringing fare-paying-for-privacy-tourists. Lets be good then - we walk back across the grass in the coconut trees and pop out just beyond the sign explaining the rules. The resort is just a few hundred yards away. I could really do with a beer. I could settle for a glass of water and I don’t like the stuff..... Our teashop walk of half an hour has now lasted three and we were still in our sick bed this morning...........Mmmm.
IMG_4826  IMG_4828  IMG_4829  IMG_4830
We arrive at the resort bar. Luke, the barman hands us a glass of water when he sees our red faces. Bear is impressed that his long-neck is suitably presented in a wine cooler on ice. Fish and chips arrive for Bear, his chips are crinkle cut crisps. I ordered a plate of potato fries to go with my spring rolls and samosas. They have been left off the order and when a nice lady arrives with a plate covered in foil, we both look up at the silent ta-dah....... Oh I have crisps too. Tired but fed, we get home and manage a game of backgammon and then very early to bed.