To Nyaung Shwe

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Mon 4 Dec 2017 23:47
To Nyaung Shwe
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We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and lazed on our bed until midday checkout then headed past the Red House to the train station.
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Bear went to buy our tickets only to be told that the one fifteen would be at least two and a half hours late. We sat for a few minutes looking up and down the track whilst we had a think. Our supposedly pretty journey is the second half and by then it will be dark, let’s get the coach. Off we bimbled. A disappointed Bear, but we will have a train journey in a few days time.
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A yellow poinsettia for a change as we headed up through the market.
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The market was in full bustle and it took a bit of wiggling to get through. Fantastic fruit and veg, new brooms, I offered Bear a garden rake but to no avail. A glum boy and I made it to the coach stop knowing many pass through. A chirpy little taxi driver offered us a lift for a couple of dollars more than the fare, so off we went. Our new friend would drop us at our hotel instead of having to taxi from the bus station, a good deal then.
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Soon away from the town of Kalaw, out into the countryside and many hairpin bends.
Our driver told us our destination was the other side of the mountains.
Meanwhile, back to yet another hairpin.
A new petrol station, being built virtually all by hand.
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The city of Heho, we will return here to the domestic airport in a few days time. 
We left Heho and saw a very happy petrol station.
Road widening team. Stones sized by hand and the crew has as many women as men.
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Pouring tar by hand. The workers digs by the side of the road.
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The temporary gravel yard and men checking the roadside generator.
A little top heavy minibus.............
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A lorry shed his back wheels at the rail crossing. The rail we should have used. Oh dear, it may be a long evening. We left the main road that goes all the way to Thailand. We passed huge fields of sugar cane, a massive processing factory and then reached the edge of Lake Inle or Inlay.
Bear heard our driver say “Tick monastery”. Took me a while but I worked it out – teak monastery.
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Ten minutes later we were looking left over the bridge and right to the town of Nyaung Shwe (said Nung Shway).
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Sixty kilometres later, we were dropped at our digs and Bear complained about being a plus one. I think it is going to be a very long evening but chirped that it could be worse – he could be called Bong. Ooops, time to get into the lift. Beds was happy with his new bed.
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The views from our room left and right, show quite a big town that has grown with the tourist industry.
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Can I get a little smile from the disappointed boy........Well I got a chuckle when he read that we “make a blink request” as he read the hotel information booklet. I know, cocktail on the roof after supper will put him right.
                     AN EVENTFUL JOURNEY