Villa Week 33 - Bits and Jazz's

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 7 Nov 2020 23:57

Week Thirty-Three at Sleeping Indian


Sunday the 1st of November.  Bear got up and swore badly. Oh. Poo. Oh. I went over for a closer look and I too let out some expletives…… A few inches away from the sliding mirror cupboard door was a scattering. The little critters (drywood termites) had moved up from their previous sighting about eight feet. Mmmm. I swept their evidence into a pile that would half fill a tea bag. Message to Lord Ron for suggestions and a note to call Frances of the terminator company for advice on the morrow. Bear pottered off to do our eggs.


I had my own egg events, Bear’s events were top drawer and my uncapped eggs were gorgeous. I settled to put a first coat of sealant on the bathroom floor but still not happy with the finish. Despite all the scrubbing with expensive cleaner, the grout was still multi-coloured and / or stained. Jazz popped in for a coffee. Bear wrote Beez needs list and bimbled about doing prep work. After supper we got stuck into watching The Blacklist. Going back in our series collection Bear decided he could remember well enough to restart half way through season four. We have to season six and seven is on Netflix.


Monday the 2nd. Up early to do general housework and then after staring at the bathroom floor came up with an idea to do two test areas with – of all things – black shoe polish. No. Back to work with the tile and grout cleaner then…..

Bear did all the shower base sorting, laid the tiles in place, mixed the thin set and together we completed the base.

Tuesday the 3rd. Bear hired a car and we were soon doing the usual round of hardware and paint shops, this time for Jazz who had never bought so much decorating ‘stuff’ in one go. After a long day the three of us went out for a pizza, our first evening out to eat in Antigua in many years.

Wednesday the 4th.  Bear took some tools round for Jazz to use and then cut tiles in readiness for a session tomorrow. I got on with our bathroom. After a quick test with whitewashing on the floor I got Bear in for a site / sight meeting – Yes, approved. I learned the craft as I went on the sink tiles and by late afternoon sealed the work. Uniform grout and slightly paler tiles. A message from Lord Ron told us that to remove our bedroom ceiling and replace with plasterboard would cost three thousand pound. I rang for a chat and he very kindly suggested we go up into the loft and spray until the beams and ceiling were wet with bug spray and that should sort the pesky termites out for a few years. Bear did a test spray and no more poo on the floor. Beady eyes will now be on high alert.


Thursday the 5th. I leapt at the floor with gusto and emulsioned the lot, cleaning the tiles but leaving the paint on the grout. The various holes and dinks in the travertine tiles kept the paint and I do believe once sealed, I will be satisfied with the result.


I said that as I was busy and as Bear is perfectly capable he should get on by himself. A good job done.

Friday the 6th. I carried on with the bathroom floor – now a tougher job as the paint has dried……. Silly me. Bear had a major sort of his wood pile and is ready to hire a golf buggy to deliver trestles to Beez, a pile for Sharmone to start a little deck and what is needed to make the cupboard to hide the gas cylinders. The floating crane chugged by for a different sort of vessel.

Saturday the 7th. Up early, we went off to help Jazz. Bear did loads of odd jobs and held the long ladder for Jazz who, after finishing some prep work, emulsioned all around the ceiling beams leaving me to roll the walls. A bedroom, bathroom and hall looked pretty good by the end of the day. We nipped back to our place for showers than back to Jazz’s to share an Indian takeaway. So quickly it was ten and tired workers wended their ways to bed.



                                MUCH MORE ACTIVITY THIS WEEK