Marlo's B/Day

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 12 Dec 2012 23:11
A Very Special Day for a Very Special Lady
  LF Marlo's Birthday 015
Marlo at a special time on a special date
We met at Tijax Marina at 11:30 to be ready for 12:12.12 on the 12/12/12 to see Marlo celebrate such a day in real style. Sailing yachts Beatrice, Hunda, Glee and Beez Neez, together for a very unique Braai (Afrikaans for BBQ). Considering we all met for the first time in Trinidad a few years ago, have all gone our separate ways over many miles and had no idea we would all be together today, just proves what a rare community we all belong to. The second the time was right Larry did the honours with the champagne corks – two bottles of white and two bottles of red. Today was going to get messy having fizz so early in the day.
LF Marlo's Birthday 026
First cork indicated poppers at the ready
LF Marlo's Birthday 034  LF Marlo's Birthday 036  LF Marlo's Birthday 042
LF Marlo's Birthday 056  LF Marlo's Birthday 057    LF Marlo's Birthday 055 
and laughter
LF Marlo's Birthday 046
A hug from Lady Mac
LF Marlo's Birthday 008  LF Marlo's Birthday 072  LF Marlo's Birthday 064
Flowers from the marina staff, cake and parrot from Lord and Lady Mac who also gave Marlo the most beautiful hand-painted feather from Copan.
LF Marlo's Birthday 082  LF Marlo's Birthday 090
Candles and wishes time. Blown out successfully – cake and more fizz time.
LF Marlo's Birthday 096
At this point I’ll mention this pair of reprobates. Brian say it was Lord Mac. Lord Mac says it was Brian. Whatever, Lady Mac cooked supper aboard Hunda in a marina down river - the result was so much amber fluid was consumed, Brian had to stay overnight........Brian (on the left) was quiet to begin with this morrow, but was soon on full speed post a few ‘hair of the dogs’. This was the first time Lord Mac took his very dark shades off. He couldn’t look straight at the camera for this picture as it would scare small children and animals.
Now there are those who write blogs with no pictures, those with few words and a couple of pictures. Our Barmy Army of readers demand full length and lots of action so the following trip to the pool and our now famous Synchro Swimming Event has its own blog and is currently shocking readers of Facebook.
LF Marlo's Birthday 109
The crew with stiff libations - naturally
Lord Mac, Larry, Marlo, Lady Mac and Big Bear
LF Marlo's Birthday 203  LF Marlo's Birthday 204
The Braai in full swing, complete with prawn starter Larry somehow managed to spear neatly, with some assistance from the ladies
LF Marlo's Birthday 209  LF Marlo's Birthday 231  LF Marlo's Birthday 233
Bear and Marlo fighting the frijoles - team effort needed, don’t ask and Marlo shocked when Bear manages to tip his entire dinner, complete with pork chops into his lap and on the floor. I burnt my poorly toe. Yes Dear. Never one to waste food it was soon scooped up and tucked into, despite groans from round the table.  
BB Marlo 001 (2)