Batuva Bimble

Batuva Bimble to See the View from the Top
We got up this morning and looked across the crowded harbour...........
IMG_1503  IMG_1501 
Later we took a spuddle over to the far left of Batuva Harbour to see if there was anything exceptional we should snorkel over, there was rather too much dead coral, areas of algae and nothing new on the good bits. We made our way over to the little jetty to meet the Royals off Scott-Free to do our walk up to the view or top right of the picture.
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We reached the impressive wooden staircase to be met with the record notice, Bear held it as this would be the only challenge he would personally present to Alex who set the record in 2010, no threat from me either. Bear adopted the correct pace we would be happy to manage.
IMG_1511  IMG_1513
The stairs turned out to be rather friendly, each landing had somewhere to sit and we were soon swapping looking up to looking down.
Very surprised to find such a flat area at the top, looking across a valley dotted with coconut trees.
IMG_1529  IMG_1528  IMG_1531
Mushrooms, majestic buttress trees and coconuts with basking lizards kept us occupied along the way as Maj, in charge of navigation, led us toward the village we had to pass through.
Amazing how a plant has the opportunity to settle on good, flat and welcoming ground but seems to choose the hardest, most challenging base to set itself – through a rock.
IMG_1534  IMG_1538 
Maj steered us toward a gate, a lady eventually came out to welcome us after she had finished on her mobile phone. She had us sign the Visitors Book, pointed to our onward route and we walked through the settlement. We passed neat houses and clearly ‘shopping’ had been delivered, all under the mottled shade of yet more coconut trees.
IMG_1536  IMG_1564
We all went wow at this, after a time taking in the view we sat to enjoy our banana cake and began the return bimble.
IMG_1570  IMG_1572
Incredible how plants literally ‘hang by a thread’.
IMG_1585  IMG_1581  IMG_1582
Tree sculptures, hard fungus and the odd butterfly kept our interest up.
IMG_1587  IMG_1588
A lady guarding her tin and a handsome piece of kit were out as we reached the village.
On our return the village looked rather lovely.
IMG_1589  IMG_1590
The herd were resting in the shade, completely unbothered about us bimbling through.
Bear was lippy, knew he was and took his beating from Maj in a stoical fashion.
  IMG_1591  IMG_1596
A smart toilet, through the final gate and minutes later we were back at the stairs.
Back on the jetty we met Geoff and Penny, chatting as yachties do, we learned this crew of Paws Time had extensive knowledge of the Yasawa Group, we were invited over this evening and told to bring notepad, pen and our chartlets. We did indeed go over later and as well as having a really nice time, got heaps of information and loads of waypoints.  
We went to look at the yacht club – only used a couple of days a year when a rally comes through, same owner as the Copra Shed in Savusavu.
IMG_1630  IMG_1631
Before going home for showers we spuddled around the cul-de-sac in front of Beez. Despite the clear water we saw little evidence of decent coral – just a few little blue fish and more algae. We would learn later that a storm had come through and things had yet to recover. The books had told us that this was an excellent spot, shallow, warm and protected, hope it gets well soon.
Back to Beez, a thouroughly good time had by all.
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