Mekiro Spuddle

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 25 Jun 2013 22:57
A Spuddle Around Mekiro
To Akamuru 025
We had just set out for our spuddle on Baby Beez when a man in a kayak met us. He introduced himself as Bertrand, owner of the pearl farm we had passed by. He asked about our keel depth and said we could go in a bit further. We said we would move after exploring a bit. As it was high tide he told us we could go all the way around Mekiro.
To Akamuru 026  To Akamuru 029
We could see many coral heads, seen as dark patches. In the shallow water rays sped about.
To Akamuru 028
Away to our right the waves made quite a noise.
To Akamuru 034
As we rounded Mekiro, the distance to Akamaru was more than we thought.
To Akamuru 036  To Akamuru 039
In ten feet of water the coral was easy to see in the clear water.
To Akamuru 042
By the time we had gone all the way around Mekiro, Bertrand was just tying his kayak to his houseboat.
To Akamuru 055
After our spuddle we moved Beez in a bit further. We went from thirty feet below us to five. We found a nice sandy area with coral on three sides. At low tide the heads are clearly visible behind Baby Beez.
To Akamuru 058
In front an area we will have to snorkel.
To Akamuru 057
Quite a sight far behind us.
To Akamuru 061
Lovely blue water, big fish, jellies...... and coral.
To Akamuru 050
Home for the serious business of games and a lovely sunset.
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To Akamuru 054
                     BEAUTIFUL UNSPOILT CORAL