Supper at Katy's

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Thu 25 Feb 2016 23:57
Supper at Katy's
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On the hottest day of all our time in Australia what do we do ??? Borrow the marina car and go heavy duty shopping. Three crates full of tins, four boxes of wine [medicinal], a cardboard box full of meat various, four big bags of stuff various and enough toilet paper for six months. Bear dropped me and our load at Tunks Park and carried the heaviest stuff to the boat jetty. He then took the car back to the top of the steps and I moved the rest of the load to the Bear pile, just in time, as Brett was bringing the rubbish bins over in the marina launch. Six bins out, our shopping in. We heard Bear requesting the launch – timing is indeed everything. Brett nosed between Beez and our neighbour and everything was handed up to the now waiting Bear. Meat decanted from Styrofoam and plastic into zip-lock bags, labelled and into the freezer, fridge stuff loaded. The tins to be labelled and numbers added to their respective storage lockers and notched on the spreadsheet, but that is for another day. Time for a shower and off to Katy’s for supper. Time to pose with a much needed glass of vino. Poor Katy is off with a bad back – hopefully muscular. Despite her pain, she had managed to go shopping, forgoing her painkillers.......... naughty but as we walked in the overwhelming aromas of roast was divine. 
The view of our old friend from the balcony. Katy then had a thought “put the camera on timer, on my tripod and we can have a picture of the three of us.” Brilliant.
No arguments when three different wines are being sipped.
Roast dinner was perfect, too wonderful not to have seconds. We had a break then we were presented with rhubarb and real Byrds Custard. What a wow. Dark took us back outside.
Never tire of seeing the bridge, especially lit up. Katy showed us some amazing pictures to go for in the Whitsunday Islands and how best to see Uluru. So much to look forward to. Sadly, time to go. Thank you to Katy for the best roast and afters we have had in a very long time. Very jealous of the Yorkshire puddings that my little oven cannot get hot enough for....... Last picture made me laugh – the bridge with the neighbours below it. Quite comical.
                     WONDERFUL COMPANY AND MEAL