To Beaufort SC

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 6 May 2011 22:24
To Beaufort, South Carolina
Well it finally happened last night at the captains request. We got the quilt from its hidey-hole under the office bed, shook it vigorously and inserted it into the quilt cover. A first since it was put away clean in January 2009 when we got to Barbados. We have got used to a new creature over the last few weeks called - dew, but now it gets really chippy at night as well. It has been a pleasure not to sleep with a Sweaty Bear; having to ensure I keep to the shallow end of our bed, but I'm not altogether convinced, as I had to arrest the quilt from him at one point in the night; when he had a hot 'flash' as they say here in 'Merica'. So we'll see. This morning we awoke to silence, save for a few birds tweeting in the reeds, a beautiful day ahead to Beaufort - twenty eight miles away. Today's planned route. We got on our way at eight thirty and I have to say I have become quite ambivalent when it comes to the many friendly horseflies that come to lick the salt from the pram hood - but doing rudies is quite another matter - well it's the time of the year after all. Ideas Eh Captain ???
We had got as far as Port Royal Sound when everything went grey, dark and the heavens really opened. With our shed up and raindrops on the sprayhood, visibility went downhill in a big way. Whilst this is our first serious rain in absolutely ages, it goes to show how difficult a journey would be if it were one of our wiggly, shallow days, a warning to us to watch the weather in future. Today was fine though as the sound is vast, very little traffic (only a few tiny sport fishermen about).
It was a little alarming to see this trailer being swung over us as we were going under our last bridge before Beaufort Marina
The first time we have seen Hurricane Regulations before a bridge, the bridge is just beyond the marina. Spitting again
We pulled up on a long pontoon as instructed at 13:40, Bear had to put off filling Beez with fuel as a huge downpour began. Opposite a girl called Duct Tape
Around five we wandered up to the marina store. I was chuffed with the little crab insignia marking the drain cover. We asked the ladies in the shop if they could point us in the direction of a grocery store. "Bedder then tha-at the courtesy car is outside, y'all can teck it for an hour, give me yurrr cell number, cos if y'all late I'll dowg leg yer". 
Map in hand, we set off the few miles to Bi-Lo, passing some huge colonial buildings (exploring tomorrow), our South Carolina car plate, and in the shop the biggest spring onions and radishes we have ever seen. Shopping loaded, the car next to us had a good fun plate.
Car keys safely back to the ladies, who said we should get up to the waterfront for the yearly food tasting festival, complete with band and disco. The tide was out so the marina cart was a bit of a handful going down the steep slope (memories of France), all well though. Shopping stowed on Beez, a quick change and off to have a wander.
Well Lucy (Flying Cloud) had told us all about shagging, well here we were in front of a sign
We explored the Waterfront, had supper out (a treat for me as it is Mothering Sunday in the US in a couple of days) and looked around the various food stalls. Then it was time to watch some people Shag. The compere told everyone that the local shaggers met every Tuesday and all were welcome "Always looking for new people to join - no matter if you haven't shagged before, we'll take you reeeeaaaal slow". We did NOT join in - we want to save ourselves until we get to Myrtle Beach where it all began; to loose our virginity as Shaggers. Feeling quite wrung out, it was time for bed.
A pretty night, Beez is the mast on the far right