Semi's Lovo

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 9 Sep 2015 22:57
Semi and His Family Put on a Lovo for the Yachties
We had a visit yesterday, it was Semi asking us if we would like to join his family for a traditional lovo tonight at six o’clock, cost six pounds each, “bring your own drink”. We jumped at the chance, time to officially come out of our self-imposed quarantine. We met a couple of boats at Happy Hour, watched the sun go down and walked the short distance along the beach to Semi’s house. His family had been working hard all day, his mum making bread and we arrived to see the fish coming out of the ‘oven’.
IMG_5027  IMG_5023  IMG_5028
After the fish, the next layer down was cassava and chicken, all was gathered in baskets and carried over to the serving table. Semi officially welcomed us to his home and told us the ‘proper way’ was for the men to go first but said he realised that was not our way and we should choose. Ten male yachties all said “Ladies first” in unison. It was great that the all the boats at anchor in the lagoon had supported the family.
The pork was delicious, there was chicken, fish, gravy, baked egg plant, mixed salad, cassava, baked pumpkin, rice, spinach – which is really cassava leaf, mama’s bread and butter. A true feast.
We gathered a bit of everything, found a bench and with no knife and fork ‘digit-ed’ away happily.
                     GREAT FOOD FROM A LOVELY FAMILY