Paint Throwing

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 11 Jun 2017 22:57
Colour Rush, Teignmouth, Devon
We all (with Jack and Seth) jumped up early this morning to drop the boys at their great aunt Ruth’s where Kate and Mark had spent the night. They looked in fine form considering they had been to a wedding reception. Off we had to go to Teignmouth to meet Adam and Jenny who had invited us to “throw paint”. Intrigued if nothing else, we all looked very smart in our Team Hyundai tee shirts – the only time we looked ‘clean’ for several days.......
We left Jude and Simon (a couple of the team runners to their prep.
IMG_2356  IMG_2357
Meanwhile the ‘throwers’ went to set up on the beach and have a test ‘throw’. We were supplied with ten barrels of special safe powder paint and the idea was to throw cups of the stuff at the charity runners as they passed through our chicane...... All in aid of Rowcroft, a local hospice.
Time to rest, eat the picnic that was provided to us and wait for the runners.
 IMG_2361  IMG_2366
All ready and time to pose with the ‘boss’.
Through they came, so good tempered, some ran, some walked, all laughed.
The last half-cup of paint.
IMG_2387  IMG_2394
The last cup-full. Finally, we ran out of paint and stopped for a selfie.
A throat-lump-thing, as soon as folk saw we had no paint to throw – they rolled on the floor. The special spirit of the day.
All ages did sand angels.
IMG_2415  IMG_2416
We were all very humbled when the two parts of the horse came in and laid down on our red beach. Such team spirit, We all sang “gee up Neddy, don’t you stop......”.
IMG_2412 (2)  IMG_2426  IMG_2390
A very chuffed team runner with medal, a very red beard and Jen showing the only non-red lines she possesses. We tidied up our tables, ourselves as best we could and went for a long, cool pint and to enjoy the music and live bands.
IMG_2423  IMG_2432
The finale was, for those who wished, to gather back on the beach for........................
IMG_2433  IMG_2446 final throw. Wonderful, all these lovely people managed to raise over fifty thousand pounds, there and then we put our names down for next year. Needless to say, the red powder ended up in our ears, chest and eyes for several days, but we had the best fun and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Time to go home to Eva and have VERY long showers.