To Whitley Bay

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 9 May 2014 22:57
To Whitley Bay, Yorkshire
We left Castle Howard and the lovely grounds to set off for Whitley Bay.
DSC_9274  DSC_9273
It was smashing to drive through the country lanes, passing farmland, pretty villages and a traditional house or two.
Magnificent rapeseed fields, a sight we haven’t seen for many a year.
DSC_9277  DSC_9279
We carried on across country until I had fun in the tunnel, under the River Tyne.
The Royal Hotel
We arrived at the Royal Hotel, not much to look at from the outside it has to be said. No parking space was a bit of a shock as it does say there is in their blurb. Oh well. In I went and did my best whispering. Marie on reception was so very welcoming. We piled all our stuff inside the door and by the time Bear had parked the car on a side street, I had found out Marie had trained as a photographer, great I’ll show her ours for a final person look before the judges...........Bags all taken up a rabbit warren and many fire doors, we were delivered to room seventeen.
DSC_9307  DSC_9301
Beds was soon settled, that was, until pictures came out and Marie cast a critical eye. Approved off she went.
The single beds in our room soon became a final studio. OK, so the reason we are here in Whitley Bay rather than me being in a Sanatorium somewhere coughing my life away. On Sunday morning Bear will take me to Backworth Hall, a couple of miles away to put ten pictures forward to be presented to five judges, if good enough will gain me / us (as Bear has been there each and every step) a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society – LRPS. The whole process will get its own blog at some point. Thank you to all our well-wishers.
The view from our window
We found this wonderful poster from a while ago.
DSC_9313  DSC_9312
The view looking left to St Mary’s Lighthouse and right – delighted to see a chum for company. Whitley Bay is located in North Tyneside, in Tyne and Wear. It is located on the north east coast North Sea, and has a stretch of golden sandy beach. The beach forms a bay stretching from St. Mary's Island in the north to Cullercoats in the south. Other than move the car when a space out the front becomes available, the plan is to slack for the rest of today and have a day off tomorrow. Time for a libation then.........
                     MINI-BREAK BY THE SEA