Somosomo Sunday

Somosomo Sunday
An interesting looking lady was in the bay this morning.
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Just before ten the drum was sounded, all the men had pure white shirts in which made Bear rather stick out in his happy Fijian shirt. Then as we are welcomed we are told it’s Fathers Day and the local men were to sit in the choir stall for a treat. Now Bear was all on his own in the male pews............... Later we would find out that the ‘fire and brimstone’ sermon was all about the evils of wife swapping and it should not go on in this church. Rightee-oo. The singing was lovely, no instruments at all and thankfully that meant no triangle being beaten to death as in the Lau Group. There was a nice welcome in English for the “visiting yacht”. Chief Adi stood and walked unaided from her chair on the right of the altar to say some words to the congregation, all we could see was the top of her head behind the lectern.
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Home from church, everyone changed into their second-Sunday-best and there was a flurry of activity out by the cook house. Tears wiped, and the plasters from our gift bag were put to good use. Then we met Anna, another great great grandbaby.
The meal was served and everyone dug in after one of the men had said Grace. Slices of fish, fish in noodles, boiled plantain, cassava and Chinese cabbage. Everyone tucked in with gusto. Then a massive fish head was passed around which the ladies seemed to savour more than the men. After, a hand bowl went around the ‘table’ for everyone to dip their fingers into – Bear went first as male guest. Sunday, like all the other islands we have visited is strictly a day of rest and attending church. We bade our thanks and farewells as everyone began to go for their afternoon rest before evening Service.
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We did meet many members of this happy extended family but without pen and paper just impossible to remember by name. Anna did however, touch our hearts – even if she had constant candles issuing from her tiny nose.
We picked up our vegetables and walked back through the now deserted village, save the odd quiet “Bula” heard from the resting folk.
Somosomo village will always hold a special place in our hearts as one of our favourites.
A very beautiful place.