Morning Snorkel

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 7 Oct 2013 22:37
A Morning Snorkel in the Middle of the Lagoon 
IMG_5607  IMG_5622
After breakfast Bear whipped out his IPad and told me that the lagoon measures just over four miles by just over three. It was time to go for a spuddle in Baby Beez to the middle as the ladies last night told us of a coral garden that was well worth a visit. Off we went and after a little searching, found the shallower pale blue with visible coral area in the vast, deep blueness. Other than just around the edge and just here the rest of the lagoon has an average depth of around a hundred feet. Baby Beez anchor set, it was time to explore. Immediately we were struck by the clear water and huge area of coral in front of us. This was going to be good methinks.
IMG_5592  IMG_5641
IMG_5590  IMG_5650
CP Snorkel 025
IMG_5576  IMG_5571
The colours were gorgeous, if a little unreal.
IMG_5633  CP Snorkel 055
The size – to give you an idea, this lump was six feet high by about eight feet. Quite something up close.
 CP 2nd Snorkel 162
Very busy with chaps.
CP 2nd Snorkel 152  CP 2nd Snorkel 121
CP Snorkel 212
The shapes looked like sculptures.
CP Snorkel 089
Everywhere we looked healthy, thriving coral.
CP Snorkel 195
IMG_5580  IMG_5659 
CP Snorkel 196