Day 13 to St Helena

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 9 Feb 2020 06:00
18:07.44 S  2:28.75 W
Day Thirteen to St Helena
At ten I got up to tackle the last of Bear’s pawpaws, finely filleting in quite a roll was a bit of a feat but I came away fingers intact. Breakfast served, I asked him to choose what he wanted for lunch (from the list in my notebook), then I chose for him – egg banjos.
P2080009  P2080011
Yesterday the wind has been up and down like a lady of the nights drawers with little sun, overcast bits and big dollops of rain.
The genoa came out at eleven o’clock, neutral, nope, motor sailing then. The engine did go off at 13:10.
Backgammon, a decisive five one to me. Growling. Bear enjoyed beef curry and rice whilst I finished the ham with salad. Mex Train Doms I was in the lead going in to the twos 164 to Bear’s 220, then BB 293 to my 164. I scored 247 on the ones, lot’s of snarling and growling. The noughts I did badly too, so my first crushing defeat of the year. Yes, but that puts you at three one already.
P2080007  P2080008
Todays ‘Happy Pictures’ taken in his 10:00 to 14:00 rest time went from the full impression of a whelk to the gentle snoring. The skipper’s two other off watches he goes to ‘proper bed’. I think on our ‘big’ 3900 nmile journey from St Helena to Antigua I will do a blog every three or four days to update position as daily would become incredibly boring.
My cockpit weather station read L L L instead of temperature so out came the tool kit. Looks terminal, tried new batteries and nothing. Oh, our first failure of the trip. At least the sun came out as compensation for a while. The Pesky Leak has gathered an inch in the pot, just one wave and the rain has done that. Then at 15:00 Bear noticed that the relatively new main alternator had stopped working, after the engine had cooled he rigged up the back-up. Well I suppose it is our thirteenth day at sea. A little glum on  board.
Bear had a beer and I had a couple of V and DC’s instead of going to bed on my 18:00 to 22:00 off watch. It was lovely to discuss the future, plans and job lists for decorating, sorting, Beez maintenance etc.
The engine went back on at 22:10 off again just after midnight. Current a bit problematic overnight but I am enjoying the final series of Game of Thrones.
At six this morning we had covered 120 nmiles. 
Total completed 1508 nauttical miles.