Feydhoo Ashore

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 5 Jun 2019 23:57
Our First Trip Ashore on Feydhoo Island
Beez Neez is happily anchored at the end of the blue arrow.

We are next to the bridge between Gan and Feydhoo where the shops are. The biggest supermarket is apparently up on Hithdhoo. Addu Atoll consists of six major inhabited islands of which four islands are connected by land and with small bridge causeways in between. Unlike other atolls of Maldives, Addu City possesses a natural anchorage within the city basin, as the atoll is land-locked with large islands surrounding the atoll. This results in a natural harbour that is very calm and safe for sea vessels at all times and is not affected by seasonal changes.

There are no exact records of when the first settlers arrived in Addu Atoll, but several historians and researchers have concluded that people were living on these islands for more than 2000 years. It is believed the first settlers originated from Sri Lanka and India. The Maldives was previously a Buddhist nation until it embraced Islam 800 years ago. The people of Meedhoo Island in Addu were amongst the first to convert to Islam in the Maldives.

This morning we watched as a neighbour came in and tie to their mooring ball.
IMG_0002  IMG_0004
Their ‘dinghy’ is posh with a seat, paddle and rope pulley toward the bridge.

The first bridge connecting two islands in the Maldives was built between Gan Island and Feydhoo in the Southernmost Atoll of the Maldives, Addu in 1942. During that period, Gan island was used as a British Naval and airbase by the British Military. In 1957, the naval base was transferred to the Royal Air Force. From 1957, during the Cold War, it was used as an outpost as RAF Gan. The base remained in intermittent service until 1976, when British Forces withdrew. Most of the employees who had experience working for the British military spoke fluent English. When the base at Gan was closed for good in 1976, they turned to the growing tourism industry for employment, along with their fishing trade. The airport fell into disrepair but since 2010 has been running as Gan International Airport, lots of small aircraft to the biggest Airbus.



Behind us is one of the the Sea Ambulances.
IMG_0008  IMG_0009
We went ashore at two and as we passed Beez we saw her green ’beard’.
Beez Neez is happy not to be rocking and rolling. 
Looking back, Beez with her new friends.
We parked Baby Beez at the floating landing, took the pier and sat under the tent, all provided by our agents – Real Sea Hawks Maldives. We sat in the shade and waited for Inthie, assistant to Masood the local agent.
As we sat on the beach strewn with bits of old coral..........
We watched the fruit bats, quite happily flying to and fro in daylight.

Two species of megabats had been recorded in the Maldives, namely Pteropus hypomelanus maris and Pteropus giganteus ariel. Although sixteen subspecies of fruit bat has been documented and common world-wide, the subspecies Pteropus hypomelanus maris of the Maldives is considered endangered due to excessive culling and limited distribution.

Inthie came and took us by car to the ATM so we could pay one thousand Rufiyaa (about fifty pounds entry fee), then he showed us around. Inthie is part time, his ‘proper’ job is running the Health Department proud to say that the atoll has no malaria or measles. He pointed out the Health Clinic that provides many services with consultants from many specialities. He showed us where the hardware shops were so we could explore for alternator bolts later on. Lastly, he took us to top up our SIM card. So friendly, helpful and a font of knowledge. He dropped us back to the tent and we headed back to Beez for lunch as shops are not generally open until two.


IMG_0025  IMG_0026 

The mobile went and Inthie asked us to go over and meet him and Masood to take some paperwork. After they left we went for an exploratory bimble. Along the main road we stopped and looked back the way we had had come, over the road, the petrol station. Looking the other way, shops to our left. Shame the cake and pastry shop was closed. Also showing a closed sign was a fabric shop. I was happily looking in the window when the owner appeared and asked me if I would like to look inside. Anth was a smashing lady and soon I had chosen three colours of the same design in a fine cotton. Really must replace the shorts and tops I bought in Indonesia for one pound twenty five as they are passed their sell by date. Anth and I are now friends on FB. A real delight.  

IMG_0028  IMG_0029 

On we went to the first hardware store that Inthie had said had the biggest selection. With the number of bolts on show we thought we would be in luck. The two chaps serving were so patient, got the calipers out but sadly the perfect bolt turned out to be a mil too fat. 

IMG_0030  IMG_0031

We cut through a side street passing the Health Centre and opposite, I rather liked this little stone built building. 

IMG_0032  IMG_0033

Along the road, turned left and n the right we entered Inthie’s brothers shop. Again all the servers were so eager to help us. Bottles and bottles of bolts in the window were examined, measured and again, sadly no.  


We passed a really neatly kept back garden on the way back to the main road. 

IMG_0027  IMG_0035 

I had a sudden idea. We had passed a ‘one careful owner’ coach being repaired and rebuilt. In we went and one of the lads immediately took our bolt and went to rummage in their bolt box. He searched carefully but no. 

IMG_0037  IMG_0036 

Happy buses. Now the supermarket was open so in we went for a look. We bought some Coke and a pawpaw for Bear. Everyone was smiley and welcoming. 


What a darling children’s play park.
We popped in to a car repair shop and once again a chap stopped what he was doing and tipped over his bolt collection and rummaged. Maybe a winner. Bear asked how much we owed “nothing”. We so love these people.
IMG_0043  IMG_0047
Whilst the rummaging was going on I had the chance to watch the bats in the tree overhanging the garage.
A lamp post guarded by a Fairy Tern.
IMG_0052  IMG_0053  IMG_0058
IMG_0049  IMG_0055
Back to where we began and lots of Batman lookalikes.
After games and supper I filleted the pawpaw we bought at the supermarket – a first for me – no pips at all.
                     FRIENDLY, HELPFUL LOCALS