OCO 2016

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 31 Dec 2016 23:57
One Careful Owner Awards of 2016
I get to enjoy a couple my favourite One Careful Owners but as always I copy the folder from my desktop to a thumb drive and hand it over to the skipper who goes off on his own to perform the serious task of judging. I’m handed back the results with all other pictures having been deleted. Mmmm, but his decision is final. Whilst I wait patiently, I gather up the games results of the year and look back at our mileage.
Our Year: This year Beez Neez safely saw us through 5872.2 nautical miles and eighty two stops throughout Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia bringing our total since our At-Venture began on the 6th of June 2008 to 31,773.21 nautical miles. Our total miles together 34,368.42.
Games Results: The new game this year soon became a firm favourite, I trailed right up until December but snuck forward. Huh. Tri-ominoes Big Bear 287 - Me 294 Double Huh. Upword got short shift this year with only eight games being played – Big Bear 3 - Me 5. Rummikub was as usual not a problem for me but again took third place behind Tri-ominoes and Backgammon. Triple Huh. Big Bear 31 to my 101 and a profit of $1466 (very modest). Mexican Train Dominoes was a happy year for me despite Bear trying really hard and making some ground. Big Bear 46 to my 61.
My best victory ever at my particular favourite – Backgammon – Big Bear 156 to my 180 and a whopping new financial record with a gain of $1063. There is insufficient room for my Huh’s.
Sadly, I lost at Sequence – Big Bear 12 to My 7, well about time I won at something if only for you not to get a clean sweep....................
Bear walks in with the One Careful Owners so here goes:-
In the Category of Miscellaneous I award:-
Misc 5
Fifth Place to this fun shot in Namrole, Indonesia. Glad to see one of my choices in but not my favourite of the shot.
Misc 4  Misc 3
Fourth Place to this toy scooter from the Gili Islands. Third Place to this fun group of shoes (island off Tual).
Misc 2
Runner Up: Simply Rustic.
Misc 1
This years winner in the Miscellaneous Category – Letterboxes. Completely fulfilling the rust and foliage requirements, I loved the scenic background, the grouping and the content.
In the Category of Shack I award:-
Shack 4  Shack 3
 Fourth Place to a Beauty with a View. Third Place to this Lived in Lady.
 Shack 2
Runner Up is this Fisherman’s Home
Shack 1
This years winner in the Shack Category – Simply Exquisite
In the Category of House I award:-
House 4  House 3
Third Place to this Banda Babe. Second Place to a Hobart Dream Home
House 1
This years winner in the House Category – Indonesian Palace
In the Category of Machine I award:-
Mach 4  Mach 3
Fourth Place to a lovely old plane. Third Place to this ‘something’ carefully owned.
Mach 2
Runner Up this Beauty of Tual
Mach 1
This years winner in the Machine Category – and Overall Second of 2016
In the Category of Car I award:-
Car 4  Car 3
Fourth Place to a great future potential. Third Place to this permanent feature.
Car 2 Maria Island 1928 Chevvy
Runner Up to this 1928 Chevvy on Maria Island.
Car 1
This years winner in the Car Category from the Red Centre, Australia
In the Category of Boat I award:-
Boat 4
Fourth Place to a Special Lady on Thursday Island.
Boat 3
Third Place to Special Lady’s neighbour on Thursday Island.
Boat 2
Runner Up (and my overall favourite) – The Lady of Tual, Indonesia 
And the Champion is.......... due to being truly ‘carefully owned’ and used daily – quite unique
Boat 1