To Whitehaven Bay

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Sun 29 May 2016 22:37
To Whitehaven Bay, Whitsunday Island
We got up this morning in our bay.
We left at half past eight, maybe the only time we’ll say we parked in an unsurveyed area. The line at the top by Beez was our track in – many bommies to two point eight metres below, (quick reverse back out into nine) further in a steady reef. Todays course line would have been fine but I chose to leave turning slightly more right.
The far end of the bay (on the left), close to but in ninety feet of water.
Just around the corner and a hundred feet.
The next bay was a smaller one than the one we stayed in but do-able.
IMG_7144  IMG_7145
The gap looked narrow, but in reality there is a mile between Shaw Island on the left and Mansell Island on the right.
Through the gap between Shaw and Gaibirra islands we could see Linderman Island.
The southern end of Maher Island had a split.
The northern end had a great name Jesuit Point.
The knobby bit at the end..........
.......... round the corner – Jesuit Point, with Pentecost Island coming into view on the right.
Pentecost Island, highest point two hundred and eighty eight metres. The Whitsundays were discovered by Captain Cook when he sailed through the islands on  the Whit Sunday of 1770. He named the major island Whitsunday  and the group the Northumberland Group, after the Duke of Northumberland, brother of King George III. Later explorers named other islands after various towns in the Lake District of Cumberland – Keswick etc.. Many islands were not named until the 1900’s – Brampton in 1924, before then it had been simply known as M1.
The view behind us.
IMG_7295  IMG_7297
Thank you for asking how my little toe is....... sore, sore, and sore, poor little bruised thing wearing its black beret set at a jaunty angle. I thought I would sort out the split toenail. Lined up the scissors, only to shut flesh in the handle end. Mmmm. Gritty eye, on inspection burst vessel. I may just shrug and get on with my navigator role, it’s more reliable than the rest of me.
IMG_7185  IMG_7191
Away to our left - on the map we could see Surprise Rock........surprise, if you’re bowling along at six and a half knots and smack, surely a better name would have been Shock Rock. We can only hope that the chap who drew it on the original map hadn’t just drunk his daily ration of half a pint of grog......  The opening to the Solway Pass began to widen as we got nearer.
Tower blocks away to our left on Hamilton Island seemed out of place.
The final half mile before the pass was a bit of a washing machine.
Washing machine to little wiggles with an interesting current.
Bear’s IPad. I went for the twenty metre line but skirted the very edge of the shallow with two point eight below, a tiny movement to the right and back in over thirty. Clearly the sand pile had moved right a bit.
Behind us ‘the door closes’.
Round the corner, off the shallow bit, twenty eight below and wow, the beach of Whitehaven Bay is really white.
We sneak over a narrow bit of six metres, back into thirteen and gradually shallow beyond this attractive lady and find two point eight to anchor in at twenty past eleven. Glorious sunshine, this is going to be a special stop.