Lombok Hair Event

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Sat 10 Sep 2016 22:57
Lombok Hair Event
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After our market trip and lunch, Agnes did indeed round us up as the diesel would not be ready until early evening. Marian (Argonaut), Agnes (Gostoza Tu), Bev (Wirraway) and Gin (Wishful Thinking) and me whisked along on scooters. My driver, also the manager of the salon, looked all of twelve and my view as we sped along was bracing. No sooner than I through the door than I was head washed – very shocking in cold water, trimmed and set upon by hands like vices as my head was dosed with gloop and rubbed.
My man was amazing, it was at this point I thought I hadn’t done anything different for such a long time.......
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Would I have fine line of ‘Grope Purple’ mmm, should have but chose Light Red........
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Meanwhile, Gin is feeling the ‘peace’.
Agnes bounces down from upstairs.
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Poses while Gin is rinsed and gets the group together.
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Crazy fun.
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A beautiful princess has her first ever hair cut.
Marian was roped ‘upstairs’.
Was I alarmed at Gin’s green eyebrow dye ???, what was alarming, was when they were rinsed and the edges were still blond; I showed the lady dealing with her and she began unwrapping an old-fashioned razor blade – eeek. Fortunately the marina boys were in for a shoulder massage and translated that the edges needed to match colour-wise – that was a narrow squeak.
Agnes, now clear of face pack also had dodgy eyebrows – out came the pencil – a fashion must in these parts. She got a taxi back to the marina and no-one noticed, commented or thought anything was off....... thanks for your observation skills boys......
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I selected a small slither of hair to be bleached prior to my Light Red but Gin had snuck up a chunk and it was too late at this point to do anything about it. The bright red did indeed fade within a couple of washes, sadly to a nicotine orange.........
We have spent all afternoon at the salon and none of us has paid more than fifteen pounds.
                     SOUNDED LIKE IT, I NEED A BINTANG.....