Time to Move

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 15 Apr 2012 22:45
Time to Move Before We Grow Roots
BB Manatee 003  BB Manatee 004
During the week Bear enjoyed a family of manatees playing beside Beez
BB Manatee 006
One of them had lost one of his flippers and had many cuts from encounters with boats
We have had a week of mixed goings-ons.
First the saga with our Tesco Mastercard. In the UK Bear began the process of getting new ones with a longer expiry date. New ones were sent to the wrong address and the lady dealing with them cancelled them un-beknown to us – unfortunately they had been issued with the same number as our current ones – now we have no cards. Back on Beez, Bear set about getting another new set. No. Tesco cannot issue cards unless they are replacing what you are using, Bear would have to get emergency ones through International Mastercard, these arrived (expiring in May). Head in hands Bear rang Tesco and yet another set have been sent out to the UK at Miffy’s and Rachel’s. Last year Bear was sacked from booking flights, this year – well as of today – he was sacked from credit card duty. I feel unfairly dealt with, Tesco said sorry for their cock up and I was only trying to take a chore from a poorly Pepe.
Second. Under advisement from Dorothy and Duncan Bear ordered an air-con to use in Guatemala as through August and September the heat is extreme. Proudly Bear tested his new piece of equit-ment. I was in the bedroom and came in on his call to ask him why it was hotter in the lounge than where I had just left from. OH, its blowing hot. Repackaged and ready to send back from whence it came.
Third. A funny event. We had much bird poo on the stern platform. Bear washed the girl and got down to the job at the back. Kneeling to his task, Bear was not that high off the water when the face of a manatee came up to give him a kiss. A rather shocked man.

BB Last Titusville 001  BB Last Titusville 002  BB Last Titusville 003

The wind blew many of these creatures in to the marina. Beautiful but quite horrible


BB Last Titusville 024

20120415_131034  20120415_131022_01  BB Last Titusville 007

Brenda (Solstice) took us to Milliken’s Reef for lunch. Terry (Friendship), Steve and Sarah from opposite made our cheery group. Mystique played U2 and Bob Marley quite loudly


BB Last Titusville 008

A group of cruise ships were quietly awaiting their passengers at Cape Canaveral Port. A sight we haven’t seen since St Thomas


BB Last Titusville 004  BB Last Titusville 006

Bear had a Mango event for pudding. I had a peanut butter cheesecake. Must be our last................


BB Last Titusville 012  BB Last Titusville 016

BB Last Titusville 020

BB Last Titusville 022  BB Last Titusville 023

We watched the girls leave then headed back


BB Last Titusville 025

We agreed that Brenda’s current ‘runaround’ has the potential to be a One Careful Owner. It has had a hard life being pulled over one hundred thousand miles behind an RV, clocking up ten trips from Titusville to British Columbia – massive journeys. We told Brenda the air-con story and she kindly stopped at Sears, minutes later Bear was purchasing a similar chap to the one we had in Trinidad and I went to stroke the fridges. What a WOW, a quick look of admiration at the washer-driers and a casual glance at the cookers and I was satiated. A few sherbets back on Beez, us declaring that it is time to leave in the morning. Terry told us that he has been presented (by his company) a gold watch and a night in Atlanta for one million safe miles. What an achievement and he speaks fluent Russian. Just goes to show we never know who or what we will meet next. 

We wish Brenda safe winds and following seas when she leaves mid May – possibly for Luperon - and Terry a safe move from B dock to the other side of B dock. Enjoy the Great Loop next year.