Exploring Anguilla 1

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 22 Mar 2010 23:38
Exploring Anguilla in a hire car Day One
We arrived promptly on the beach at five minutes to ten to wait for Ken to deliver our hire car. Katrina had kindly arranged it for us on her mobile yesterday and we expected Ken at ten. Judy was there with the book she had promised us. It is about a couple who put their lives on hold to sail from Toronto, down the ICW, across the Caribbean to Trinidad and return within two years. We had mentioned to Judy the day before how much we were looking forward to visiting New York via the Intracoastal Waterway next year. Plan written in sand of course. 
By ten past ten, no Ken. Judy asked a lady in her car if she had a mobile and if she minded ringing the number for us. She did, Ken had had to leave the island in an emergency, as our car had been arranged on the phone on a Sunday, he had not made a note of it, his office knew nothing about us. We thanked Simone very much for her help. Judy trotted over to a taxi driver on the beach to ask about hire cars, he took us to his brother in Blowing Point a few miles away. Maurice sorted us out. "When you have finished with the car, just leave the keys under the mat, I'll collect it".  
We visited five different beaches very similar to this one called Rendezvous Bay
I was delighted to see some worthy candidates for the "One Careful Owner" series
Not only a bus but a first, a six door
One of the many salt ponds on the island. The foam gets picked up from around the edges on the wind and carried across the road like a mad escaping bubble bath
We stopped for a snack at Gee Wee's, on seeing the lunch menu and the wonderful spicy aroma, it was time for lunch, early for us at midday
Bear had freshly caught Butter Fish, I had Chicken Curry - delicious
After lunch we found a place on the side of the road that we could just see Beez from
A bit of wiggling through the bushes and there she is, the very last boat out on the left
Next it was to Shoal Bay to be able to put another tick in the 1000 places book. A very worthy beach to be in the book. We had a nice long swim before our next stop
Cap Juluca, (pronounced cap de-lou-ker) also worthy of being in the 1000 places book, but ten minutes after we arrived it heaved down with rain and went very dark
The bay next to the hotels very own exclusive Indian restaurant all but disappeared in the downpour
Katrina had told us the hotel served complimentary afternoon tea and cookies, we could also use the internet. Sprocka was playing solo for an hour in this very luxurious five-star hotel, he has never missed a Monday in twenty two years and can be found on his own website - just type in his name. Katrina and Ray were there for a short time too.
The stunning hand made Moroccan light fitting in the lounge, Bear at one of the two computers in this library, matching one opposite on the other side of the main hallway.
I felt it only right as complimentary snacks kept arriving at our stunning balcony table that Bear buy us a glass of wine each, his red and my rose came to thirty two American dollars. No surprise that some of the rooms start at over four hundred dollars / villas up to fifteen hundred dollars per night, well worth having a look on www.capjuluca.com made a nice photo opportunity. We had mini cheeseburgers, crab cakes, broccoli quiche and meat samosa all in miniature.