Water Tank Affair

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 3 Jun 2011 22:49
The Affair with the Hot Water Tank
If only life was as simple as replacing our UV frazzled toilet seats.
I was over the moon when Bear fitted my two new sparkling, clean, pure white, toilet seats. I had ordered them some time ago and Millie very kindly took delivery of them. My treat when I arrived that first night in Charleston, after supper with Millie and Bill. Hey, a girl must take her delights whenever she can appreciate them and I certainly love these. The hot water tank has been a completely different story. En route to Staniel Cay - the 6th of April - witnessed Bear finding a split in our tank, bedding wet through, stripped and deposited all over the deck. Fortunately the sun was blazing; so not too much of an issue other than Beez Neez looking like Mrs Woos Laundry. In fact after Bear had isolated the tank all went well, however cold showers from here on in. No joy buying one in Titusville, so Bear ordered one to be sent to the marina. Fedex did their stuff and this enormous beast arrived. There was a little muttering as we tried to get it aboard. On careful inspection and several deep and meaningful interludes with a tape measure - Bear came up with the words - Half an inch too big, it fits in the cupboard but I cannot get the fittings in. OH. Bill came to the rescue delivering the big one to the local West Marine and they would have one in for when we got back from Canada. Back we came. Three hours delayed in Dulles, Washington whilst a nice young man with a trusty tool box fitted a new hydraulic something or other to our airplane. Bill took us to Millie's, supper and in what seemed a minute it was midnight. Up the next morning, Bill and Millie took us to pick up new creature, took us shopping and to the hardware store to get fittings. They delivered us to Beez looking like we were moving house. BIG swear words from Bear. The voltage was wrong. Bill to the rescue who returned it. West Marine were good enough to deliver the correct one to us yesterday - fortunately one of their lads lives out this way and dropped it on the way home. Today the big push. Poor Bear has had to work in cramped conditions and soaring heat. Slowly the issue seems to be in the state of progress. Just like any DIY job you cannot just fix what is broken, you have to dismantle tons to get to the root; so bedding, roofing, cupboard doors and tools deposited everywhere. 
My 'skipper' hard at it - at least he's smiling
The right size, the correct voltage and it fits in the space - mustard
I settled to catching up with blogs and heard a certain amount of finger tapping - so pleased it's a blue job
No - of course the rest of the girl was neat and tidy.................... all watched by a friend on the side
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