Lion Rock

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 9 Apr 2013 22:37
Leon Dormido (Lion Rock) or Kicker Rock
BB Cat Planean 028
Leon Dormido was the first sighting we had of the Galapagos Islands as we sailed past in the morning mist. We hoped to take a day trip and snorkel here and today was the day. As we neared this odd, split rock, we  could say it was beautiful but couldn’t really say it resembles a lion.
BB Cat Planean 032  BF Catamaran Planean 025  BF Catamaran Planean 031
Day trippers come here to snorkel and dive hoping to see hammerhead, white tip and Galapagos sharks, sea turtles and fish.
BF Catamaran Planean 024
Incredible to think this rock rises vertically from the sea bed, thank you captain.
BF Catamaran Planean 027  BF Catamaran Planean 030
BF Catamaran Planean 029
Sea birds come to fish and bathe
BF Catamaran Planean 017  BF Catamaran Planean 018
Frigate birds nest here and we saw some masked boobies.
BF Catamaran Planean 045  BF Catamaran Planean 039  BB Cat Planean 038
I was happy watching the boobies. Bear was admiring the Planeans home-made fortress anchor.
BF Catamaran Planean 038  BF Catamaran Planean 037
Sea lions come to rest on the shallower slopes.
OLY Ct PLanean snorkel 035  OLY Ct PLanean snorkel 036
Steve (Scott-Free) readies and jumps.
BF Catamaran Planean 042
Steve joined the other divers, we dropped them and moved away for the rest of us could snorkel.
OLY Ct PLanean snorkel 037
In the depths we saw a massive sea turtle
OLY Ct PLanean snorkel 043  OLY Ct PLanean snorkel 045
The biggest barnacles ever and areas of reddish coloured coral
After our first snorkel we were served lunch of rice, salad and fruit juice and the divers readied for their second dive. We set off in the dinghy, dropped to snorkel against the rock wall edge, the water was quite chippy but I was brave. Quite something to be rising up and down six feet or so, following the same rhythm as the fish who were feeding and seemingly having the same fun as we were. Some of the fish we saw.
OLY Ct PLanean snorkel 046  OLY Ct PLanean snorkel 064  OLY Ct PLanean snorkel 062
OLY Ct PLanean snorkel 065
OLY Ct PLanean snorkel 067  OLY Ct PLanean snorkel 066  OLY Ct PLanean snorkel 061