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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 5 Apr 2013 22:57
Seal Lions - They’re All Over the Place
BB 1st Time Ashore 012
Chores and blog writing this morning we went ashore for late lunch and internet in our now favourite place, Miconia. Our taxi driver giggled as I said farewell to Lenny and Lionel and off we went. En route we passed a ‘One Careful Owner’ complete with resting and preening Pecalins. Delightful.

BB 1st Time Ashore 085

A baby seal finds a resting place on the dinghy.

BB 1st Time Ashore 014

Stepping ashore we saw loads of the resting masses under the landing ladder that goes up to the boardwalk.

BB Seals ashore 2 001  BB Seals ashore 2 002
We can see why it is highly recommended to use the dollar water taxi or you find ‘the sleeping ones’ on or in your dinghy. Not entirely certain what Baby Beez would think to this intrusion.
BB 1st Time Ashore 015  BB 1st Time Ashore 016
We watched as a new arrival caused much barking and snarling as he passed a couple of newlyweds.
BB 1st Time Ashore 018  BB 1st Time Ashore 019  BB 1st Time Ashore 020
Oh what a natural poser. However, just look at the pile of poo in the centre shot. So pleased Lenny and Lionel don’t leave these ‘heaps’ on the stern platform.
BB 1st Time Ashore 021
He even smiled for us.
BB Seals ashore 2 003  BB Seals ashore 2 004
Bear was happy to pose with this little one but leapt up with a silent manly squeal as he felt a curious wet nose touch the back of his calf. Cute though.
BB Seals ashore 2 009  BB Seals ashore 2 008
It seems they sleep au natural as well. Even in the midst of a group of busy Sally Light-foots.
BB Seals ashore 2 011
Looks like a typical regional meeting.
BB Seals ashore 2 012  BB Seals ashore 2 013  BB Seals ashore 2 015
All ages and sizes
BB Seals ashore 2 014
It looks odd to see one attempting to look wild
BB Seals ashore 2 016
Ok so I’m a lost cause. Just cute, but oh so, so smelly.