Villa Week 25 - Bedroom Yay

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 12 Sep 2020 23:57
Week Twenty-Five at Sleeping Indian
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Sunday the 6th of September. After the wild ice cream start of last week we returned to ‘normal’ this morning. I think as payback for our disloyalty, we both had egg events. Bear’s was spectacular but once the lids were taken off – perfection.
P9060001  P9060003
Finally time to dedicate ourselves to the upstairs. First job was to empty the upper cupboard and for me to paint it. Bear settled to the job of scraping the bathroom tiles of paint splodges (I do think his work shorts have seen better days), then he held the stepladder in place on the bed so I could finish the fan. What an amazing difference from the dull beige to white.
P9130006  P9130004
After yesterdays fishing about behind the wall to pull the wires through Bear put up USB chargers on each side of the bed. Straight into service. That done it was time for a game. I’m having a bad run of luck on the backgammon board. Yes, but who is miles in the lead for the year so far ??? Still growling though.
P9060004  P9060005
Plenty more dip and brush as I finished the ceiling. The brush may look small but I found it easier to control with less mess. Then to the roller on the long arm to finish the walls. I complained of ‘shin splints’ in my arms......
Time for Bear to start cleaning the bedroom floor as I began the mammoth task of ironing the right hand curtain. Too dull and chippy for a dip so we carried on. Bear took over spraying water on the curtain and helping me pull it across the ironing board. All finished and up by half seven. Showers, supper and a couple of episodes.
Monday the 7th. According to Windy it may get a little messy next week. We pottered through jobs and masked up ready to finish the skirting boards.
Tuesday the 8th. Raining really hard so we did some phone calls and research for bits and bobs. By the time the last big rain cloud came and went it was a quarter to twelve (five hours shopping adequate for a shortened list). We bimbled up to borrow Sharmone’s car but she thought we were not coming and arranged to take her son uniform shopping for school tomorrow. As she was not rushing off I had her cut my hair. Shopping tomorrow then. We bought some treats at the supermarket before heading back. Not very motivated to do much. Had a lovely long video call from Chris and Steve, super to catch up and have a laugh. Still too overcast and nippy to go for a swim.
P9090008  P9090010
Wednesday the 9th. Shopping day, still plenty of rain in the sky. Love the colours the locals use on their houses and we had to stop to let a heron cross the road. We bought a trendy drain cover for the front bedroom shower, went for ‘big’ shopping at the ‘big’ supermarket and as usual the day flew by. Last stop to pick up a tin of outside paint and some more drawer liner. We did venture out for a late swim, our first since last week. 
Thursday the 10th. Vietnamese tapestry pictures up in our room. Reloaded spares in upper cupboard and wrote spares list. Bear painted the skirting board behind the bed and I took over to do the door frame while he gathered loads of tools. Site meeting in front bedroom. I put the first coat on the front bedroom fan blades – what a difference and then the first coat in the front bedroom shower. The day went by in a flash and we managed a late swim.
P9110015  P9110016  P9110017
Friday the 11th. I got some great views and a laugh as I watched Bear extricate himself from the front bedroom shower after I had finished painting the ceiling.
P9110019  P9110021
A bit of muttering as drain fitting went in with cursory glances at the ‘distructions’. Has to be slightly cock-eyed to fit the original pipe unfortunately. Given the hurdles this place has presented us, I can live with it. Actually after some further more aggressive modifications it is now straight,
As Bear returned to his new ‘hutch’ in the shower, I busied myself behind the door. What a mess. Does no one tidy up after themselves anymore. These paint splodges and filler smears have been there since the last villa refit (about six or so years ago). Fresh paint is easy to clean, this was a complete mare. Very late swim, so late we got back after dark.
Saturday the 12th. We started the day with great jubilation – the bedroom door went up, first time we will have a closed door in months and months. Guess who was a complete div. I asked Bear where he thought I should stick the two coat hooks, showed him on the open side – yes – That’s where I stick the first one. Glad that wasn’t me, I would have been in serious trouble. I berated myself quite sharply, off it came and up went the two on the inside....
Best view of the week was when Bear pulled up the masking tape and tidied the skirting boards.
P9110025  P9120030
Bear attacked the front bedroom sink, it did not give up without a fight and there were one or two ‘words’ heard during the process.
Uhmmmm..... the bedroom itself is still in quite a pickle. On seeing this I thought it wise to finish lining the drawers so they could return to the unit before I started anything else. Just the two little drawers on the bedside unit left to do. I managed to make space and began the first coat front bedroom ceiling above the air con and worked my way to the fan. First coat on the cupboard wall, the door wall and as far as the second window before ‘shin splints’ in my arms were too much to want to bear any longer.
Oh, did it rain today. The upstairs balcony was half an inch deep in minutes. Well, I guess it is the season.
P9130001  P9130002
Technically, a sit down job, I finished the last two drawers with the very ‘happy’ coloured lining. Well done to Valerie Singleton and all she taught me about sticky backed plastic.............
Star picture of the week. Bear managed to beat the old sink and cabinet and place the new one. Two holes were especially challenging but he rode his drill like a warrior. A few bits needed when we go shopping. Hey, I’m impressed right now. Seven o’clock finish, time for a take away after showers.
                     GREAT STRIDES