From Beez to KL

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 24 Dec 2018 23:47
From Beez Neez to Kuala Lumpur
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The alarm didn’t go off so it was fortunate we were bright and bushy at half past six. Cases were all packed yesterday which meant that this morning was up, wash, dress, Bear muesli, me flush toilet through with fresh water, rinse fridge bottom and once the washing up was done, a quick once over the sink and leave kitchen spray down the plug hole. Time to go. We left Beez Neez at seven and walked in the dull light of morning toward the shuttle ferry under a huge moon. The quarter past seven shuttle raced us over to Port Cenang with overnight workers going home for company. Taxi to the airport and quickly through the Check-In Desk.
On board our flight to Kuala Lumpur we took off half an hour late at ten leaving Langkawi Airport behind.
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We see our shadow as the sun comes up and fly over the causeway designed to protect the airport from tsunami damage.
IMG_0016  Presentation1
Rebak Marina and Beez Neez (under yellow arrow).
The beautiful Langkawi Islands.
Tourist boats whizzing about.
Just as I’m enjoying a bit of cloud watching.................
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..............lunch arrives – Bear’s chicken, pesto sauce (spilt) with veg and mash. My teriyaki chicken. Aaahhhh, this was ordered for our next flight to eat at lunchtime not ten thirty in the morning.... oh well, there you are then. .
Along the coast munching our food.
More cloud watching.
IMG_0037  Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson
A chum racing along. The Lexis Hibiscus Hotel at Port Dickson (£130 per night ish).
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The gaps between the palm oil palms are yes, baby palm oil palms.
Smashing to bimble around Kuala Lumpur Airport listening to Christmas music (and carols), loads of decorations and Bear getting the urge to buy a bottle of Baileys – for Festive Cheer.......
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