Floreana Bimble

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 26 Apr 2013 22:47
A Bimble, a Beach Trot and So Many Creatures
BB Floreana 082  BF Floreana 263
BF Floreana 257  BF Floreana 248  BF Floreana 262
After lunch, Chino gave us a lift ashore near Devil’s Crown. We wandered along a track to a lagoon with a few flamingos, ducks and warblers.
BF Floreana 036  BF Floreana 037  BF Floreana 039
We continued our bimble and found a Hermy, great legs Ginger.
BB Floreana 153
A couple of locust – cuddling.
BF Floreana 011  BB Floreana 079  BF Floreana 015
Many zig-zags.
BF Floreana 229  BF Floreana 241
Behind to our left we could see Vision. To our right Chino.
BF Floreana 245
From up here we could see a big male strutting his stuff.
BB Floreana 123  BB Floreana 125
The well laid path led us to Punta Cormorant beach.
BF Floreana 267  BB Floreana 130
In the surf were so many sting rays.
BF Floreana 284
BF Floreana 285
Further out we saw eagle rays.
BB Floreana 147
A lovely beach with lovely views.
BB Floreana 143
On the shore fresh turtle nests.
BB Floreana 144  BB Floreana 142
Sadly evidence of the circle of life.
BF Floreana 307  BF Floreana 302
We watched noddy terns.
BF Floreana 311  BF Floreana 296
We have come to expect Sallys.
BB Floreana 149