Domestic Day

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 10 Sep 2014 22:57
Domestic Day Back in Westport
After our week of ‘doing the coalmines of the West Coast’ we had a domestic day today. Mabel was stripped out, aired and cleaned.
IMG_0107  IMG_0109
Other than two caravans some distance from us, we were on our own on this enormous campsite.
We all know how annoying adverts can be when they appear randomly on the computer. Well today this little treat flashed up, quicker than I could stop my fingers, it was ordered and will be waiting for me when I get back to Beez. This may prove to be the best ten pounds I have ever spent. The legendary snorer has hit an all time zenith. I’m surprised neighbours haven’t come and banged on Mabel. Over the last few weeks I have taped Bear and all he can say when I play him back to himself is Awesssssssssooooooommmmeeeeee. Well after many nights of grabbing a couple of hours between BBC sound effects. I feel I could be arming myself............. Watch this space.
Coal 2  Coal 3  Coal
Bear did try to organise a day trip to visit Stockton Mine. After my great excitement watching the coal hoppers loading at Charming Creek, he thought he could win some serious house points by getting me up close and personal to the eighty ton Cat coal lorries and to watch men in hard hats working the diggers. Sadly, only with groups of fifteen. Oh well, I’ll have to go on the memories of being next to the fence when we went off to see Station Four. Later, Bear told me about the Russian mine trucks that weigh in at a hefty one hundred and eighty tons and can carry three hundred and twenty tons of coal – on the Bucket List immediately to see those beauties. Back to cleaning.
IMG_0108  IMG_0110

The building away to our right is the BBQ place, behind it the big kitchen and behind that, the laundry. As I rounded the corner, what a happy surprise, one of my favourites - against the wall were so many purple crest aeonium 'Schwarzkopf', although it’s a native to the hillsides of the Canary Islands it looks so happy here in Westport. 





Impressive rosettes of leaves.



IMG_0114  IMG_0113


Marvellous huge pyramidal panicles of bright yellow flowers showing Spring has Sprung, still a bit chippy at night though.



IMG_0119  IMG_0120


While I was waiting for the tumble dryer to finish I went for a mini bimble. From the far back wall I could see the sea. Then I turned to look at Mabel.





Now back to spring cleaning Mabel, clean fridge, then a picnic in the sun and a game of backgammon. Feet in Croc flip-flops for the first time today, or in these parts, jandals other places thongs – feet quite shocked. Cut Bears hair and beard, put everything back together, showers and in before the bities come out to play. Supper and a couple of episodes of NCIS Los Angeles over some picture sorting and blog writing, so far behind as usual. If I had the children and grandbabies here I could say A Perfect Day.




                     GENTLE SORT OUT DAY