3 Petrel 2 Tuna 1 week

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Fri 16 Jan 2009 18:00
3 Petrel, 2 Tuna and week one at sea en route to Barbados.
Today Friday the 16th January 2009, we have been at sea for a week. Photos when we get in the other side. We left Mindelo at 13:00 to toots, fog horns, a trumpeter and good cheer, we were the fourth boat to leave. Usual high winds and sandy haze. High rolly sea in channel between Santo Antao and Mindelo.
First night there was a stunning full moon, so bright 4:00 am had the same light as 4:00 pm, virtually able to read small print by it. As is the norm it took three days to settle into routine, Bear nibbles at biscuits as he cannot find his appetite. I don't sleep properly until exhaustion takes over, only then can I fall into sleeping off watch.
Wind - Everything from 3.5 to 35 knots. Fluky for four and a half days, now settled into an average of 20 knots plus.
             Sailing on Genoa ( front sail ) only.
Sea - Extremely rolly for three days, now huge following trenches, friendly crests, following swell. Very few try to soak us - but - when it happens it's like someone
           chucking in a wheelbarrow full. Fortunately the sea is not too cold and we don't mind paddling in our crocs in the cockpit.
Weather - Mostly overcast, frequent squalls and odd bits of rain. No problem with Gazebo up ( conservatory without the sides in ). Now sunny and bright.
Distances - Per 24 hours per day are 127, 117, 117, 118, 129, 146 and 156 miles. Total so far 910 - to go 1220 ish. 
Lowlights - Day two. I had had a very poor rest and tried to get ready for duty at 18:00 but couldn't find my trousers. I had to speak sharply to the Captain, "Please
                      don't become a Gerry-Bear" ( that is Geriatric Bear ). He not only had my trousers on but when I looked into my juice glass to see if I needed to top up,
                      there was a lump of biscuit floating where he had been munching and a wave caught me...... He then asked me if I had seen the man over board wrist
                      band. NOT pleased. I replaced my juice and fell through the office door as a big wave hit, first two bruises coming, if this is only day two - not to continue
                      for the remaining 1885 miles of the trip. MOB wrist band later found in his anorak pocket........................
                      Day four. Bear was thrown against fly/sunscreen in our bathroom, half inch gash on the top left of his head to go with the one on the crown coming
                      through the office door and the one at the front from scrabbling in the engine. He will have to wear a crash hat and stop bleeding on his pillowcase.
                      It's hard to believe it takes twenty minutes to get from the cockpit to our bathroom and back in these seas.
Highlights -  Flying fish, very beautiful but with suicidal tendencies, means skipper gathers the bodies ( many tiny ) every day at chafe inspection.
                        My new personal best speed of 10.2 will mean zip to the racers out there, but I'm chuffed to bits.
                        Bear saw a small freighter on day three, nothing else, something amazing about having the ocean to ourselves.
                        Roast chicken and six veg, homemade stuffing and bread sauce (provided by galley slave) despite her preparing in what can best be described as the rinse cycle of a washing machine.
                        Fresh tuna with roe( Chinese style and as a salad )
We spend our days together. After lunch we do word searches, fish, read and a few chores get done. Alone we listen to music, watch DVD's and keep a look out.
VERY BEST NEWS Jack going home on Monday 19th. Congratulations to Team Tinson. We wish you every happiness as a family.
All in all a good first week.