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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
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Maria Island Cemetery
A short walk from the Miller’s house, we watched as Cape geese flew over the cemetery.
I walked to the far side and looked to where Bear was half way.
The cemetery plan. The people buried in this cemetery have been linked with the island in various ways over many years, they include:
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Graves 1 and 2. Thomas Cherry and Rosa Adkins.
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Grave 3. Benjamin Bayly.

We found that an article published in 1876 gave information on some of the graves, some have crumbled since, which is such a shame. Using this information in italics and other research articles, we have pieced most of the plan of the cemetery together. Burials took place between 1825 and 1942.


From “Five Days on Maria Island”, the Mercury, 23rd of March 1876.

The Parsonage commands a splendid view of Freycinet’s Peninsula, and the shores at the head of Oyster Bay, Lord’s Bluff, Spring Bay, etc., etc. At its foot is God’s acre. To this we strolled, and with some difficulty read the inscriptions on the tombs. One of these bears the name of “Benjamin Bayley, Esq., late Captain of the 21st Regiment, Royal Scotch Fusiliers, and four years visiting magistrate of this island. Died March the 3rd, 1850, aged 55.” On approaching this our philosophic, yet somewhat irreverent, friend Jones, despite the solemnity of the place burst out the following remark:: -“The boss of the shanty lives here, I suppose!” Suppressing a laugh at this, and reproving Jones, we came to a stone, on which were the following lines:”  [continued on grave 5]





Grave 4. Diego Maria Tasman Bernacchi died on the 16th of July 1892 aged four years and seven months. He was the son of Diego and Barbe Bernacchi. He died while his parents were away from the island. All that remains of his gravestone is the little stump [we think] bottom right of the picture. The barn seen on the slope above.



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Grave 5. Sacred to the memory of Mrs Margaret Boyd, beloved wife of Mr James Boyd, Assistant-Superintendent, Darlington, [James was to become the head of several convict stations, including Port Arthur] who, in the fond hope of regaining her lost treasure, health, sought a residence in this remote climate; but, after briefly sojourning here, departed this life in the joyful anticipation of eternal rest, 10th October, 1845, aged 27. This tablet is, also, sacred to the memory of James Andrew and Frederick William Boyd, the infant sons of the above, who died at Pentonville, London, A.D. 1811, aged 21 months and 6 mouths.”


To mark the suffering of her babes,
Who could not tell their grief
To see the infant tears gush forth .
Yet know not why they flow.

To watch their meek uplifted eye
That fain would ask relief,
Yet could but toll their agony,
This was then mother a grief

Though oceans now thy dust divide
The day shall soon appear,
When incorrupt and sanctified
Thoul’t meet in yon bright sphere





Looking toward the Miller’s Cottage. The bumps toward the right are all that is left of Delvis and Hilda’s graves.


Grave 6. Delvis Cusick passed away in 1938 aged one year. No information is available on Delvis, nor the day and month he died. However, given the many Cusicks living on the east coast town and the number of Cusicks in Triabunna cemeteries and also his death date, he may have been the son of a cement complex worker. No headstone remains.


Grave 7. Hilda S. Ellen passed away on the 2nd of June 1889 aged eight years. There is no available information on Hilda. Given her death date during Bernacchi’s first industrial era, Hilda may have been the daughter of a worker in Darlington.


Grave 8. Johanna Glenwright passed away on the 25th of October 1841 aged twenty two. George Glenwright was one of the first assistant superintendents at Darlington in 1842, but why his wife’s date of death was written as 1841 remains a mystery.


to the memory of

Johanna Glenwright

wife of

George Glenwright

who departed this life

October 25 1841

Aged 22 years


Strangers as you pass by

As you are so once was I

As [I am] so will you be

Pray....... you visit [me]


Grave 9. Sarah Griffiths passed away on the 31st of January 1848 aged thirty three years.



to the


Mrs. Sarah Griffiths

The beloved wife of Mr. Daniel Griffiths

Coxswain, Darlington.

A native of Swansea, Wales

Who departed this life on 31st January 1848

Aged 33 years


“Forgive Blest shade the tributary tear
That mourns thy exit from a world like this
Forgive the wish that would have kept thee here
And stay’d thy progress to the seats of bliss

No more confined to grovelling scenes of night
No more a tenant pent in mortal clay
Now should we hail thy glorious flight

And trace thy journey to the realms of day


Grave 10. Mary Harrison passed away on the 2nd of February 1829 aged thirty years. Mary was the wife of the master of the brig Cyprus and the island’s supply ship Prince Leopold.





Grave 11. John Hedderly passed away on the 7th of February 1830 aged thirty five years. With John’s death date around the time of the ending of the first convict era on the island, he may have been an officer or similar. He may also be the drowning victim mentioned by Lempriere [1954].


Grave 12. James Brisbane Jarvis passed away on the 22nd of May 1825 aged six months and twelve days. James was possible the son of one of the early officers associated with Lieutenant Murdoch at his previous command. Also James’ death was possibly the first in the settlement.



IMG_2384  IMG_2386




Grave 13. Charles Henry Lapham passed away on the 28th of June 1848 aged one year and one day. Charles was the son of Superintendent Samuel Lapham, who was dismissed for leniency towards a prisoner, William Smith O’Brien.

   Sacred to the memory


Charles Henry Lapham

Born June 27th 1847

Died 28th June 1848

It is well with the child

And she answered, it is well

.....................................................II Kings [4:26]

Suffer the little children to come unto

Me and forbid them not for such is the

Kingdom of God

................ Mark 10.14

The footstone reads: C.H.L Aged 1 Year &1 Day


Grave 14.  John Purdy. John’s date of death and age are unknown. John is another person who could possibly be the drowning victim in Lempriere [1954], although that information correlates better with the dates and age of John Hedderly.




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