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Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 21 Nov 2014 23:57
To Silver Oaks - Our Bed and Breakfast
We jumped up this morning – travel day. On the transfer bus at nine, checked in, cases within weight – that must be a first...., security and all done by just after half past nine. Boarding at eleven so time for a little retail therapy. Bear settled me with the hand luggage and went in search of the strongest cup of tea that I would have been hard pressed to get down even for a massive amount of sponsorship. Next he went for some duty free...... I only went to look at the Australian Pandora bits, and having no purse on me the intention was pure – wasn’t it........I told the lady that if a furry man approached and said koala it was clear I needed him. I wasn’t going to get a charm until I got my kangaroo after we sailed in, but it somehow seemed wrong not to mark our first trip here. Bear trotted back smiling, chap in hand. I only got to the door and the lady mouthed “koala”..........
IMG_0582  IMG_0583
As we walked to gate fifty five there was Shannon and his fleece.
We both stopped to admire this snooty looking chap.
The Christmas tree next to him was fun, all the decorations are Australian themed. I like the twinkly boomerangs. Well you wouldn’t see those in Cardiff.........
IMG_0586  IMG_0588
In the air we were soon looking at our last views of Australia for now, with a stiff tailwind the journey was to be a speedy one of just over two hours. To my right sat Samantha, off to the Bay of Islands to swim across the water from Russell in a distance swimming race. Shame, we could have gone to cheer her on but the Rolling Stones will keep us in Auckland.
IMG_0590  IMG_0593
Auckland soon came into view. Very funny was the Ooos from Samantha, a native of New South Wales she couldn’t believe “how green it is.” I guess that’s what we like best about New Zealand, nowhere is too far from the sea and everywhere looks lush and tended.
IMG_0597  IMG_0598
No drama with our cases this time, we were through and stamped in for the next six months within half an hour, most of that time was the walking time to Immigration. A very short taxi ride and we were soon settled in at the Silver Oaks Motel. Vast room compared to our last one, kettle, fridge, TV and internet. Beds had actually put his paw down and had travelled in Bears backsack - head poking out. He rested and we bimbled down the road for a few supplies. Pot noodles and a bit of television, missing backgammon now..........
                     GOOD TO BEGIN OUR NEXT PHASE