To Beaufort NC

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 28 Nov 2011 23:37
To Beaufort Marina, North Carolina
We got up to a beautiful morning, up anchor and off at seven. Old Shoe tucked in behind 
A chap in silhouette looked on 
Crossing the vast Neuse River - part of the Pamlico Sound was a whole lot quieter than the journey north, no thunder and lightening AND we could see others 
As we left the sound we met 'Beaufort Belle' - an enormous load for a lady to push 
Then we entered Adam's Creek and the quiet of the ICW 
We passed a tree with a regional meeting of crows - the noise was awesome 
The bear was still guarding the river, the wise owl was still present and correct 
Our friends were there to accompany us, so good to see them and the sun was out 
Old Shoe (soon to be called Luff Bug) was there with Maggie enjoying the afternoon, Steve and Trooper on the helm 
Then we saw a conference of Cormorants 
Just a few around the edge were bothered by us passing - most were completely unconcerned 
There were just as many on the side with a few Pecalins acting as chairmen 
All went quiet, we passed mile marker 200, requested the three thirty lift of Beaufort Bridge, entered the marina basin and nestled in
Miles today - 35.2
Miles total  - 10,689.1