Falmouth to Eva

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 25 Jul 2018 22:57
Falmouth to Eva and Busy – as always........it seems
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25th. We left Falmouth at nine this morning, I’m sure I heard Yodel Pants cheer as we pulled out of the drive...... I drove us to Highbridge and after finding the right person to take us to our newly serviced girl...........no, up and down the columns, around the lot she was supposed to be......there she was to everyone's amusement. It had only taken ten minutes to find her, most of the job list had been done, just a few little bits while we waited. Bear drove us down to our home base after buying another set of towing mirrors. Ours set is so safe.......... Yes, Dear. When I find ours I will bring these back. Yes, indeed dear........ On site, we settled in number 20. Bear went to the store for the awning and ‘stuff’ we had off-loaded for service. AND the mirrors, so safe, so safe. Growling now......
26th. Up and pottering, awning up and tidying. Beds happy, Bear content and I marvelled at just how big Isabel the awning actually is before we ‘clutter’ her. I’ll have another look in fact.......
Agoraphobia, be still my heart. Isabel huge. Funny, today was the very first day we have just ourselves, no visitors, grandchildren, just a whole day sprawling before us. That is, until chores, paperwork, emails and admin took over. Lunch came and went, we treated ourselves to a game of backgammon on our diddy set. Clearly my aim was off as I lost badly, but, this is OK as I have such a vast lead on the proper set back on Beez. Huh, what do you mean Huh, you won.
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27th. Chris and Steve (Rachel’s parents) arrived at three. Steve presented me with some updates for his family tree, done there and then. Very chuffed to hear the actual tree is being presented at a meeting of the Courtenay Society at Powderham Castle in September. The secretary was impressed when Steve took it with him, like Bear he has several Courtenay’s (and Tremayne’s) which brings spice, flavour and titled gentry to the mix. Later, they took us for supper at the Notter Bridge Inn. Unbelievably, neither of us have ever eaten there before, so close to Eva, such good food, we will be back.
28th. We went to try and tame the store. ‘Best Crockery’, now thirty two years old and no one has any interest in, was first for the charity shop pile. Many more boxes followed, including ‘precious ornaments’ – some not only long forgotten about but a complete mystery........ Bear came back from the third run and was quite pleased/worried that the lady at St Luke’s knows him by name........
29th. Return to the store for the tip pile. We now have a central walkway for fishing kit and Eva stuff. The twenty seven boxes of train ‘stuff’ still dominates the back left corner and we may sell some of it. Well, lets face it, if we return full time to the apartment it is fully furnished. If we set up a train set it will have to be a manageable beast, not a takeover bid.........a concept somewhat alien to us and the word limit, let’s not go there. Anyhoo, the train collection will be culled but not on this visit.
At the back right is now a more ‘in keeping’ few boxes of memorabilia, flanked with a pile for Sleeping Indian in Antigua and a couple of cases ready to go back to Beez Neez.
Much more to be done but the wild stallion is at least halter broken, ready for lunge training......
                     STILL BUSY, BUSY, BUSY