Beez to 16/12/18

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 16 Dec 2018 23:57
Beez to the 16th of December 2018
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Tuesday 11th. We caught the complimentary nine thirty shuttle ferry across to Cenang with Steve and Chris (Scott-Free), where the infamous Mr Din was waiting. Nowadays his cars are forty, fifty or sixty wingnuts (five and a bit to the pound). The first car we were given - Steve couldn’t open the passenger door. The ring of some things don’t change came to mind. All the little cars had gone, so we think we ended up in one of his cohorts personal cars complete with soggy chocolate bar on the back shelf and a half sucked lolly in my door handle........ Off we went to Kuah.
Leaving the Scotties to a coffee, we went to the Harbourmaster, Immigration and Customs. That done, we bimbled up the road to the Yacht Club to collect the brain for Beez Neez. Now, when we left this morning I did ask Bear whether we should bring our folding sack truck and folding crates. No, no, we are getting booze that will go in my backsack and we can carry the brain in a shopping bag. Oooooooookay.............Steve and I carried the brain between us, let’s just say a big, fairly awkward box.
After lunch we reacquainted ourselves with Billion (supermarket). On our last visit to Langkawi we could could get five litres on each Passport each month and we had planned our final stop of the day would be at Hoon’s - who supplies the local hotels and restaurants. Meanwhile, the girls went to do the shopping and the boys went to the spirit section to see what the current rules are. The lady says Absulut is thirty one but she’ll do a deal on Stolly at twenty eight (five pounds seventy for a litre), I can force an occasional Stolly I answered brightly. Ten minutes later Bear found me at the eggs, no one asked me for my Passport, shall I get more ??? absolutely. Last week in Tesco a tray of Tiger beer was one hundred and fifty wingnuts, here it’s fifty four, better get yourself one. Back he scuttled, I’ve got eighteen litres of booze and a slab of beer. I look in the trolley, now three quarters full and groan. Yep, thank heavens we had The Scotties to act as mules for the massive pile of ‘stuff’ we had to get back to Beez......... only right that they should test our new sherbet and have a game of Mexican Train Dominoes as well. Thank you for all the hard work and giggles.
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The rest of the week. The new brain went in. It works. YAY.
The broken autopilot came out, no Bear isn’t having a lie down......... I think.......
Bear in the ‘crowded’ pool. Each morning we have cracked on with a job or chore including: setting about the tiny rust dots on Beez deck (from the iron ore jetty at Pangkor) with oxalic acid, the yellow submarine cover went up, the compressor has found its way to the cockpit for a service and lots of little jobs. The late afternoons are for the pool although we missed a couple of days due to heavy rain. The resort will get busier as we get closer to the Festive Season.
                    STILL BUSY BEES