Tas Road Signs

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 2 Feb 2016 23:57
Some of the Road Signs We Saw in Tasmania
two way  A Animals at night  Fours
A nutty but fun blog. We hadn’t gone far in Mabel before we realised there were so many signs in Tasmania. Some common, some rare and some two, three and four or more bits of information at once. We think for as many as we photographed and couldn’t fit on the blog - we missed just as many. We had a lot of fun spotting them as we went along. Here is our collection.
Slippery When Wet  slippery in high winds  IMG_5380  slippery with everything 
  Slippery for Motorbikes  cycle distance 
Bicycle   Bicycle Helmets  Bicycles x2  Bicycle Lane
School Days  people crossing  Old people crossing
School Bus and Children  School Bus Times  shared zone 8 km  shared zone
Airport  Airport distance  Airport countdown 
train aquiggle  Train steam on side road  Railway red stop  Train Abt
IMG_4614  Speeding  speed camera bridge
Roundabout speed  Roundabout  Roundabout 2
IMG_3007  Witness Littering  No Littering  IMG_7532
IMG_2963  IMG_3298  IMG_3736  IMG_2966
Floodway  Flooding  Flooding depth markers
Keep Left
River warning  Notice to Mariners  Caution Cantilever 
IMG_3547  Brakes  IMG_8288  IMG_6571 
Trucks Entering  Caution  Brakes hospital  Truck Route 
height gantry ahead  IMG_2750  Gravel Road Speed Limit
Slippery track
Gradient  Workers Overhead
Road closed and times
200 m  adopt a highway  No Sign
IMG_4417  No Overnight Camping  Keep Left Unless Overtaking
no entry on motorway
Weight Limit  No Left Turn  Noovertaking  No Smoking
Bicheno Blowhole Warning  Hazchem  Fire Permits 
Curve 15 km  IMG_4650  curve 25 km  Curve sharp 35 km 
curve 45 km  curve 45  curve 65 Speedon Bend  curve
Crest  Hump  Speed Hump  speed limit new
Train  Trains Look Out  Train off side road  Trains 2
IMG_3661  beware falling rocks  Gravel Road  chippings
Gate Grid  Gate on side road  Grid
Traffic Lights  two way  two lanes the other way  Road joins from left
IMG_4798  Ahead Only  Form 1 lane  Exit for U Turn
Marine 1  Marine 2  marine 4
Stop prepare  roadworks  road work end  roadwork ahead
caution irrigation
IMG_3296  Tired  crash markers
IMG_3851  Loading Zone  Builders  blackspot
Plant Disease Prevention  Keep Out dodgy plants  Camper van 
A Cow  A horse and rider  A Cow and SHeep  A Wombats 3 km
A black swan  A Platypus Stream  A Kangaroo
A Animals wander  A Care for Wildlife  IMG_5387
A Caution Potoroos  A Penguin Picture  A Penguins Crossing  A Caution Wallaby
A Echidna crossing  A Poteroo  A Tasmanian Devil plus Batwing