Clith to Base Camp

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 31 Aug 2018 22:57
Clitheroe to Base Camp at Dolbeare Park
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After snapping our eyes shut at three this morning, our target to leave Clitheroe at nine thirty passed by and ended up being ten past eleven. Bear did the first hundred miles. I did the second, a slow haul through the Smart Motorway road works on the M6 and M5. Bear did the last bit and I took the opportunity to put the foot masks on my weary feet that Jenny had kindly given me to try out.
At seven thirty we were both relieved to pull up behind a customer at Dolbeare Park – also known as our Home Base. My foot masks were supposed to be on for ninety minutes, but I was seen padding about in them as Bear negotiated Eva into pitch 20, with the odd helpful word from me. We settled Eva, put the kettle on and began putting the awning up, I was leaning by the door when I hit it and crumpled to the ground as Bear had tripped, controlled things until his shoe came off and with no word of warning barrelled me down. We both sat up and surveyed for injuries (at the time of typing this four days later the bruises are beginning to shine a pleasing blue – shoulder, back, thigh and ankles.....). It’s a good thing that Adam and gang are arriving at six for a sleepover on the morrow and Miff and gang are arriving to sleep in the Belle Tent at five giving us the day to gather our thoughts, nip to the storage unit and buy the BBQ stuff. 
                     A SLOW REPEAT JOURNEY