Pangkor Gala

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 23 Nov 2016 23:57
Pangkor Gala Dinner
We spent the day resting and doing a few chores, in the evening Melian and Ian picked us up and took us ashore. Our first look at the marina that Beez will have her rest whilst we are in the UK. James welcomed us – what a professional who understands yachties needs. We settled under a huge marquee and Bear was handed a beer (free for the evening).
The band were ready under the canopy of the stage.
DSCN1339  DSCN1342
Sazli – Sail Malaysia Rally organiser spent a few minutes officially welcoming us and James invited us to enjoy the buffet. What a buffet, steak, lamb chops and chicken along with pasta, rice, vegetables, salads and fruits.
DSCN1350  15226365_10209850158322107_609242539_n
We sat on a big table that included Claire and Errol (Restless M) and I was snapped by Melian.
15218745_10209859599438129_963242124_n  15174589_10209859599398128_11372817_n
We all received a rally flag and had a group shot.
Four of the girls gave our thank you – the guitarist on the left was superb, as were the lead singer and drummer on the right. They took requests.......
DSCN1346  DSCN1347
..........dancing, limbo and much singing all rolled into a fantastic evening.
                     FABULOUS WELCOME