MI Nearly Bimble

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Tue 14 Jun 2016 22:57
Magnetic Island Ashore
Beez happy at anchor in the sunshine as we went ashore for a bimble.
A busy looking girl.
Kitchen sink and tree......
Kitchen sink and slack dog.

Magnetic Island is just 8 kilometres offshore from the city of Townsville, Queensland, 52 square kilometres of mountainous and rocky terrain in Cleveland Bay, the island has effectively become a suburb of Townsville, with 2,107 permanent residents. The island is accessible from Townsville Breakwater to Nelly Bay Harbour by ferry. half of the island is a National Park and bird sanctuary with walking tracks and tarmac roads between the populated bays and to a number of tourist destinations such as the World War II forts. There is a population of some eight hundred koalas, the furthest north that they live. Tagging has shown that breeding koalas produce one baby a year and 15-18 year olds have also been tagged – their worn out teeth showing their age.

Yunbenun, as Magnetic Island was known by the island's traditional inhabitants, had a transient population of Australian Aborigines well before European exploration of the area. They were known to have seasonal camps at a number of bays, and travelled between the island and mainland using canoes. A number of Aboriginal burial sites are said to exist on the island, but have so far not been identified. Aboriginal middens and cave drawings can still be found in a number of bays around Magnetic Island. Folklore of the local Wulguru tribe recounts a long association with the island and annual migrations to the mainland to avoid expeditions of head-hunters from Papua New Guinea and the Torres Strait, which used the northern trade winds to travel south along the Queensland coast. This head-hunting nearly ceased following the arrival of missionaries, led by Samuel MacFarlane to the Torres Straits in 1871.

The first European accounts of the island come from Captain James Cook who, in 1770, while navigating the Australian coast, called the island Magnetical Island, as a magnetic pull interfering with his vessel's compass appeared to emanate from the island. J.M. Black, funded by Robert Towns, founded the township of Townsville on the mainland nearby. As Townsville developed though the mid-19th century, Magnetic Island became a valuable location for the gathering of hoop pine and granite, the latter of which was used in the reclamation of land for the Port of Townsville, and for construction of Townsville's Customs House.





The rocks are such a feature of the landscape, many look like they could topple any minute.




Amazing formation history.


The Wulgurukaba occupied all the island and its bays, evidence of occupation includes old campsites, stone tool technology, rock art and burial sites are at various locations. Despite many being forcibly removed from Yunbenun (Magnetic Island) the Wulgurukaba people maintain strong connection to their country, here and on the mainland. Joint management arrangements are in place with the Queensland Government to help preserve cultural resources for future generations.





Looking out over Horseshoe Bay the clouds were gathering from the left as it began to spit with rain. We decided to go home and return on the morrow.





Back on the beach there were only four tourists braving the now brisk wind, they soon moved when the rain got a little harder. Everything now getting a bit dark. We raced home and only just got back before it tipped down, and for the rest of the afternoon.

After a decent win at backgammon but a terrible loss at Mexican train dominoes I checked my emails. Fiona had sent one about Brodie, our turtle from Whitehaven Beach. Too poorly to have gone to Cairns but at least he is still fighting.

Brodie is doing ok, we decided not to move him to Cairns as the journey would have been a bit hard on him in his fragile state. He is still just resting in care with us here, but is looking a lot more comfortable and relaxed which is great news. He is still on antibiotics and pain medicine and we are just keeping a very close eye on him. Fingers crossed he will start to show more signs of recovery and when he is strong enough he will be heading up to Cairns.






                     WELL IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE WINTER