To 25th - Shiny Beez

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 25 Feb 2018 23:57
Beez to the 25th of February – A Very Shiny Girl
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Always a great start to the week. Bear outdid himself with this egg event.
IMG_0009  IMG_0004
On Monday I finished varnishing the new instrument panel whilst Bear finished the electrickery on board in readiness. Tuesday we went for my FLUP (follow up appointment with medic and surgeon). Regime to stay the same for two months, so down to pharmacy for a big box of supplies. On Wednesday we actually made it to the pool for a swim, played some games after Bear added the instruments to the panel.
In place and looking lush, just the radio mike to hang, lots of tidying and the office will be back to rights.
IMG_0005  IMG_0006
The boys finished rubbing down Beez.
IMG_0013  IMG_0014
IMG_0023  IMG_0025
Beez wrapped and completely enclosed ready for Jimmy to spray.
IMG_0035  IMG_0037
Time for Bear to find an outside job so he began rubbing down the rudder.
Caught one lunchtime. Exhausted to be twelve - twenty four down on the backgammon field...........Huh.
IMG_0033  IMG_0030
Beez after her first coat, this will be sanded and two more coats added.
Cockpit chairs before  IMG_0013 - Copy  IMG_0034
So what have been up to this week other than taking handfuls of tablets.... The week began with an easy voile panel for the sea berth and a first pass at the one for the office. Trip to Beez for a fitting, back to 404 for final alterations, job done. Next was altering the new shower curtain and making a tiny one with side frills for the little en suite window, job done. Meanwhile, our cockpit chairs have been a bit of a nemesis but as all my other sewing jobs have now been finished, it was no delaying anymore. Enter the field, catch the beast, saddle up and grit my teeth. The old covers were soon stripped and the two waterproof single, fitted sheets were tamed. Took all day Saturday to do the first, designing and altering as I went. The second took all morning today and a little bit after lunch. Rather pleased to say they both look fine in their new underclothes. The new Sunbrella covers will have to wait, I have enough for the fronts but......a quick email to Mr Razali and hope.
The picture of the week has to go to the very shiny girl who is still loving all the attention.
                     VISIBLE PROGRESS AT LAST