Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 19 Mar 2012 23:27
Arriving at Moth’s
BB Wembury Beach 012
We arrived at Low Barn – bar open and ready for action. There was a full bodied welcome from Biaga
BB Wembury Beach 022
Not so from Small Person
Small Person is Ella av Villrosebakken. Ella has been in situ for four short weeks and is at present extremely nervous - even of her own shadow, but we feel certain in Moth’s caring hands and welcoming bosom all will be well soon. We look forward to hearing about her progress over the coming months.
BB Small Person 007  BB Small Person 009  BB Small Person 011
Ella, the litter and at one day old
BB Small Person 010
Ella (everyone say arrrrrrrrrrrr) was born third in the litter in Norway on the 27th of May 2010. Her brothers are called Esotico and Ecco, her sisters Eccola, Evviva, Essa and Enigma. The pups have permanent homes in England, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Her parents are called Tempeluddens Lirico and Alfakroll av Villrosebakken no risk of pronunciation from me.
  BB Miffy and Rachels 052  BB Miffy and Rachels 059
Since our last visit Lol (Chris’s dad) has moved in. I got to try out the stair lift - a first for me - and got a private lesson from the man himself.
BB Miffy and Rachels 056  BB Miffy and Rachels 055  BB Miffy and Rachels 057
Our bedroom door was an event. Once again we had warned the permanent residents that I was needing a red cross on the door and that’s just what I got. I don’t actually look too bad, I just sound terrible and fear for my next breath when the racks of coughing start. Laying down in bed is a staged operation that takes some time, my ribs are killing me and my nose, eyes and sinuses are a grubby, gurgling mess.

BB Wembury Beach 009

Biaga smiles as Moth says “It must be Bailey’s o’clock.”