Contadora Ashore

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 16 Mar 2013 23:17
Our First Pacific Island
BB 1st Contadora 018
The first time Bear has been on a beach with Beez in the picture for nearly two years (she’s in front of the red-hulled yacht). A few days on this peaceful little island of Contadora, we will have time for chores, swimming, exploring and chilling. Such a joy after the bustle of La Playita, the very long bus journeys to busy supermarkets, standing in the taxi rank with an obscenely laden trolley, nutty taxi drivers and fighting to stow the mass of shopping in an already bursting-at-the-seams girl.
BB 1st Contadora 002  BB 1st Contadora 030
Just as we thought we were getting over the lack of ‘uniqueness’ of Alan and Zebedee – we see a real life Robinson Crusoe potter by. The centre of this amazing craft has a motorbike, minus the front wheel as its engine and the tent poles act as a shelter or four-way sail mast. As he passed us he asked about a hotel, but as we had not ventured ashore, could not help. He settled beside the blue hulled yacht and soon used it as a mooring buoy.
BB 1st Contadora 003
BB 1st Contadora 005
Next day, Baby Beez launched, it was time to go ashore. Going by this girl the smell of bird poo was awesome. I asked Bear to go around again for the second picture, we love the way all the faces are looking stage right.
BB 1st Contadora 006
Oh I think I have just given Bear the idea of a new sport, Hey it makes a change from whispering. Yes dear.
BB 1st Contadora 007
The quaint water front.
BB Contadora Bits 017  BB Contadora Bits 014  BB 1st Contadora 011
Brushed down, we wandered up to the Hotel and Restaurant Romantico, a building nestled into the hillside. Bliss to see the girl bib bobbing.
BB 1st Contadora 010  BB Contadora Bits 005  BB Contadora Bits 007
Our first lunch ashore – to celebrate. Bear had red snapper, carbonara no garlic for me and our lovely Marciano.
BB 1st Contadora 014  BB 1st Contadora 015  BB 1st Contadora 019
Bear went to check on Baby Beez as the ferry came in.
BB 1st Contadora 016
Captain Bear stood to watch the proceedings as the ferry beached, let the ramp down, passengers loaded, ramp up and off in minutes.
BB 1st Contadora 028
Time for a game of chess and then a walk
BB 1st Contadora 027  BB 1st Contadora 020  BB 1st Contadora 023
We saw one or two beautiful houses, a few one careful owners and the runway......
BB 1st Contadora 025
Bear with the runway to his left. A real village atmosphere amongst the bespoke houses.
BB 1st Contadora 022
The lovely view.