Lady Gayle

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 6 May 2016 22:47
Coffee with Lady Gayle
So there we were sitting watching an episode 12,500 miles from home when Facebook pinged on Bear’s IPad, looking at my laptop there was a message from Lady Gayle. She lives (part time) ten minutes from Mooloolaba and had landed a couple of days ago. Could we spend some time together. OH no, we’re due to leave tomorrow afternoon, any other time we would have all time in the world but we had booked our Tin Can Marina slot and the weekend with Jim and Pam. Messages flew back and forth and we arranged to meet between Lady Gayle doing the school run for her grandsons and taking Rebecca’s little pooch to the doggydressers. Very excited.
When we say the words ‘next-door-neighbours’ we really mean just that (we were the blob on the left and Lady Gayle on the right, we had many a long natter over the wall as we fought the ever threatening weeds). Our time at Hardwick was wonderful but we sold to buy an apartment with no garden to worry about and to let whilst we ran away to sea. Imagine the odds that Lady Gayle would be out the same time we were in Mooloolaba.........
Lady Gayle thought that Bear had focussed on her chest, I thought he had picked on my beak. It was smashing to catch up on all the news at Hardwick, the families and friends.
We chose a chap at random to take our group shot – he was from Aberdeen........
Way too soon we were walking back to the car, Lady Gayle was sad we were moving on as she wanted to take us out and about to show us the highlights, such a shame. Time for a picture with Bear.
Not sure if my being given the ‘bird’ was funnier than the sign above ‘swim with humpback whales......
IMG_5744  IMG_5746
We went to sit for an hour on the beach where we pondered the fact that we had just spent an amazing time with Peta and Oscar, met up with Lady Gayle today and were en route to see Jim and Pam. One year, two years and seven years respectively.................. what an amazing and blessed life we lead. As we were packing up to get home for late lunch and pre-setting-off-jobs a little chap didn’t want us to go. He sat under Bear’s Croc, moved to the backsack and finally settled on his towel.