Niue by Van - 2

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 26 Oct 2013 21:17
An Early Start on Niue by Van – Day Two
BB Day 2 Car 237
We met on the quayside this morning at six and set off for the village festival. En route we saw this rather splendid war memorial.
BB Day 2 Car 238
Unbelievable, every single house around it was cyclone wrecked, uninhabited and ‘one careful owner’ material, but most amazingly – the grass is well tended and cut.
CP Day 2 Car 112  CP Day 2 Car 113
After the festival, Karl directed Bear down a track. He left us in the van to go in search of a cave – Ummmm no, dead end.
CP Day 2 Car 115  CP Day 2 Car 116
This was the last we saw of him for an hour and a half. Mmmm, just as well we had a bottle of rose with us.
CP Day 2 Car 136
Just pretty lighting.
DSC_9296  DSC_9295  DSC_9300
Nice to see a tropicbird or two.
CP Day 2 Car 139  CP Day 2 Car 141
Coasters Camping looked a little ‘for the rugged only’.
We loved the bee on the grave of Manetoaki.
CP Day 2 Car 119
A classic.
BB Day 2 Car 242  BB Day 2 Car 243
A very simple, but very smart little church.
BB Day 2 Car 231  BB Day 2 Car 232  BB Day 2 Car 233
BB Day 2 Car 234  BB Day 2 Car 235  BB Day 2 Car 236
After our wonderfully posed ‘One Careful Owner’, we introduced Karl to the Family Pile-On. Sitting in the back with Sofia and Blake, I learned that Karl had very ticklish feet, nuff said, plan time. Everyone had their stations. Sofia shoulders. Blake beating with a leaf. Becky chest. Me ballast and tickler. Bear cameraman. Is my bum really that big ??? Sadly, yes dear. Oh. The three minute limit set couldn’t come quick enough for Karl...........
BB Day 2 Car 248  BB Day 2 Car 250  BB Day 2 Car 247
We checked out our destination for tomorrows lunch and snorkel. Avatele.
BB Day 2 Car 254
Last thing we stopped for an ice cream. Fakamolemole nakai maekeke ke kaitalalofa means sorry no credit allowed. Completely unable to learn this language, it does seem simpler to pay cash....... In the queue with us was a little chap.
BB Day 2 Car 255  BB Day 2 Car 257  BB Day 2 Car 256
Little people take over. After a little study, ready to go, very tired bears.