To Aitutaki

En Route to Aitutaki, The Cook Islands, New Zealand
BB Leaving Mopelia and Chap 001
Up came the anchor at ten past twelve, me in position at the front and Bear on the wheel as we made our way across the lagoon to the pass.
BB Leaving Mopelia and Chap 004
I had forgotten that I had to take the decision on where to cross the coral and find the deeper water of the pass. Today flat calm. Mmmm.
BB Leaving Mopelia and Chap 011
The six black dots to our left were, Chris, Sascha, Skyla, Rourke and Layla (Tribe) and Karl (Windarra), all of them bobbed up from wreck snorkeling to wave us off.
BB Leaving Mopelia and Chap 015
Becky, Sofia and Blake (Windarra) waved heartily from their waiting dinghy. The Pacific Ocean looked like a duck pond.
BB Leaving Mopelia and Chap 019  BB Leaving Mopelia and Chap 024
No wind, so motor-sailing. Bear brought in the unsuccessful fishing line and a big chap settled to sleep with us. He tucked himself under the shroud because he wanted to be as far away from the big white thing that moved every so often. Miles in first twenty four hours = one hundred and fourteen, point seven.
BB Leaving Mopelia and Chap 026
The second day at eleven off went the lure. A handsome mahi mahi provided us with eighteen steaks and a lump near the tail end for a curry when we get in.
BB Leaving Mopelia and Chap 027
The greedy so-and-so ate one too many. The last one had our hook attached..........
BB To Aitutaki 005
A quiet night.
BB Leaving Mopelia and Chap 028
A quiet day and night, winds from two to ten knots, coming from all over the place, motor-sailing continues, hang on, a little wind, engine off. Second day mileage = one hundred and twenty, point three miles, no new records set then...........
BB To Aitutaki 007
A day and a night sailing proper and we achieve one hundred and twenty, point three miles. Still no records in light winds.
BB To Aitutaki 015
I get up at ten to an unbelievably blue ocean.
 BB To Aitutaki 012  BB To Aitutaki 013
Land Ahoy. Time to change flags.
BB To Aitutaki 018  BB To Aitutaki 021
Not a moment too soon for the poorly looking French flag. Up goes Cook Islands and quarantine.
BB To Aitutaki 010
BB To Aitutaki 014
Aitutaki ‘grows’ as we get closer.
BB To Aitutaki 023
Engine on, sails away. Bear lines up for the pass, all forty feet wide, as I go to Beez nose to point the way in.
BB To Aitutaki 031
We make it to this marker on our left and boomp, nadda, no further, zero below us. Nothing for it but to wait for the rising tide.
BB To Aitutaki 026
Looking out beyond the pass to the reef.
BB To Aitutaki 039  BB To Aitutaki 041
A warning NOT to get it wrong and we watch a couple of chaps fly-fishing for the next hour, until we float once again.
BB To Aitutaki 034
Our view to the right.
BB To Aitutaki 035
Simply beautiful.
Less ‘tall’ than other islands.
Our target. To get beyond the catamaran and anchor beside the yacht.
 BB To Aitutaki 043  BB To Aitutaki 044
Anchored at 14:15, between a French motor cruiser and an Australian yacht – who did pop over and say “G’day Mate.”
BB To Aitutaki 047  BB To Aitutaki 048
More amusing when seen on the chart plotter.