South to North

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 25 Oct 2016 22:47
Beez Neez Crosses the Equator for the Second Time
Ten and a bit miles to go we began to hear those ahead begin to cross, time for us to prepare.
Beez two Polliwogs – Wayne and Russ settle in the cockpit.
Joined by Bernie, Claude, Bobby and BedsKillick moaning as usual and staring up at the foreboding sky. We expect Killick to sound anything but joyous but Beds ear went back too........
IMG_7535  IMG_7536  IMG_7537
The clouds gathered, thunder rolled and we could just about see Tereva to our left.
We could clearly see the line between dry and rain. Then the squall hit. Visibility very little. Thunder, lightning and gusts to thirty two knots, we went from a steady five to seven point three knots, time to wind the genoa in and regain control..........
IMG_7538  IMG_7540
Out came the fizz and the captain donned appropriate headgear to give Neptune his toast. Rain hammering.
IMG_7545  IMG_7546
That special single second takes us from South to North.
IMG_7543  IMG_7549
Cork popping and glasses charged.
IMG_7550  IMG_7551
Tereva crosses with Beez Neez to cheers and congratulations on the radio. Bear toasts Neptune.
IMG_7556  IMG_7557  IMG_7559
Wayne and Russ toast becoming shellbacks, joining the rest of the crew who crossed the equator heading south on the 2nd of April 2013. Killick was heard to mutter something about “fizz being pansy, need rum” and couldn’t wait to skulk downstairs where the rest of the crew could be heard partying hard. Quick toast for the rest of the boys and they went to the party below. We settled to the fizz and smiled. Beez will need to cross twice more before she completes her circumnavigation but for now we will celebrate ‘two down’ and toast Beez herself for bringing us safely through more than thirty thousand nautical miles.
We raise our glasses to Michelle and Philippe (Tereva) and think the sky is trying to lighten.
IMG_7567  IMG_7568
We watch Philippe lower his main and we too get to action – the rain finally stops.
We turn the corner and there in front of us is the Kentar Island anchorage.
IMG_7575  IMG_7576
We pass a local and get a lovely ‘welcome’ from Matilda.
Calm, settled and dry, we anchor at the back of the pack.
00S  00N 
That special single second that took us from South to North.
                     WHAT A MEMORABLE SQUALL TO CROSS IN.......