Villa Week 23 - some new pictures for website

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 29 Aug 2020 23:57
Week Twenty-Three at Sleeping Indian
P8230004  P8230005
Sunday the 23rd of August. Egg perfection for me and a little event for Bear. I lined some of the drawers as we decided on a slacker day and watched episodes of Unforgotten.
At five we went for a swim, I took the camera in case there was a spectacular sunset, no, nadda, nunca, so the best alternative was Bear in the crowded water.........
Monday the 24th. The official start to the working week. Bear fed the hose up to the upper balcony and together we scrubbed and washed away all the tiny ‘pieces of black’. No idea what they are but they are a nuisance sticking to the white walls and flooring. That done Bear went to the deck and unfurled the sun canopy for me to hose down, not bad after a good soaking but hose lowered I went down and spot cleaned some of the stains with remover. Bear helped me sweep and check the tiles and during the rest of the day I put three coats of sealer on the left side of the deck. Bear visited Beez. Late afternoon, our normal dip.
Tuesday the 25th. Ira, the taxi man picked us up early to go and sort our Antiguan Drivers Licenses. We arrived, queued, filled in forms and ticked the box for three years at 175 EC$. No mention of processing fee. Now I guessed at about a hundred EC so was beyond shocked when we saw 594.00 EC$ each. Very cross that a simple picture, details and card should incur such a huge extra cost when it took just a few minutes. Glum on the ride back until we stopped at SignPro and I nipped in to pick up the sticky backed sign for the front of the car port and coasters for each bedroom. The lovely Dennecia said that she had a little tiny present made for me. Well, what an absolute delight and touching beyond words. I am the proud owner of a new key ring. The best experience we have had with a company by far in Antigua. Quick and efficient at a very reasonable price.
Back at the villa, I finished sealing the deck tiles. Bear cut wood and planned his box. I painted the lantern wires and cleaned the patio table glass, does not sound like much but........ Very late swim.
Wednesday the 26th. Bear began building the deck box that will cover the dock electric socket, hurricane shutter bits and the dock light switch. I finished the right side of the deck and whilst it dried settled to editing the website writing as we feel the need to get on rather than wait until all the decorating has been completed.
P8260017  P8260020  P8260023
We experimented for a villa view with sun canopy in, half way and fully out.
P8260006  P8260005
Lord and lady Ronnie popped in for a chat, they arrived in their Little Eyelashed Lady.
P8260007  P8260008
As they left we watched them climb aboard their unique car......
P8260009  P8260010
......and then they sped off. Awesome.
P8270032  P8270033  05 View from Main Bedroom
Thursday the 27th. Spent the morning preparing website updates for the villa, although not finished we had sufficient pictures to be getting on with. This process began in our bedroom, Bear moved ‘things’ out of the shot whilst I tried to get the right angle and lighting, quite pleased with the finished ‘view shot’ from the bed.
19  03
Ooooo the final three kitchen cupboard doors were left on Bear’s workstation – mosquito painted in, missed edges and ninks.......more butterflies to be stuck up as enough is now enough. But, the important thing was once fitted we had this week’s ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pictures.
 01 View from Deck
Friday the 28th. We carried on getting pictures to send to Shana to put on the villa website. First, the view of Sleeping Indian Hill from the patio doors.
02 Lounge through Kitchen  04 Master Bedroom
Lounge through to the kitchen. Master bedroom.
07 Master Sink  06 Master Shower  08 Guest Bedroom
Master sink, original shower and guest bedroom, until they are finished and I take new pictures.
10 Loungers  12 BBQ Grill
Patio loungers and BBQ.
09 Deck  11 Patio set to seat 6
View of patio and table.
13 Settees  14 Dining Table
Settees and dining table.
Lounge from stairs.
15 View from Bedroom Balcony  17 Beach five minute walk
View from balcony and original beach.
Original sunset.
Saturday the 29th. Bear put the rather smart box he has made to cover the various electrical bits beside the BBQ and then spent the rest of the day helping me prepare supper for Lord and Lady Ronnie. Managed a swim from half three to half four, showered and ready for guests at five thirty. We had a fun evening and several empty bottles proved we still know how to party – a bit........