Beez to 26/05/2019

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 26 May 2019 22:57
Beez to the 26th of May 2019
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Cloud watching at lunchtime.
Half past five.
Nina and Nasru.
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Friday the 24th of May. Heavy rain from morning until after lunch, the clouds didn’t look too friendly at five thirty but we had promised Nasru to go ashore at six to celebrate Break Fast (Ramadan) at six. We met Nina for the first time and she had clearly gone to huge effort with laying on a feast for us. Carefully choosing western food as well as local. The Maldivians have a little pastry similar to samosas, gorgeous. We also met many members of Nina’s family as well as the couples beautiful daughter, Naureen . The poor little love sustained damage to her right shoulder at birth but the three year old is a pure joy. She will have to face having nerves taken from her calf and attached in her shoulder. She makes nothing of her troubles and sang happily, munched on Pringles and then grandma came in with a few sweets.
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After our delicious supper, Nasru and a friend of his (ex chief) took us for coffee. What a smartly decorated place. We enjoyed our coffee but the few spits of rain we had felt on the short walk from Nasru’s to here became torrential rain. A box came with our coffee and we were fascinated as we watched leaf, slices of dried ??? and various powders in little pots – one was powdered coral reef, oo err. We sat for an hour chatting happily but as there was no let up, and I thought it was going to rain all night, off we went. The two men insisted on coming to the beach, helping Bear launch Baby Beez and rang us as soon as we got in to make sure we were OK. The journey back was bouncy and the rain was really cold, we took a bit of a wave over us but it was really warm, such contrast. Getting from Baby Beez aboard was a bit of a wrestle. We haven’t been that wet since we went to the Panda Breeding Centre back in China.
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Saturday the 25th of May. It did indeed rain most of the night and our bed was a wiggly business. The season is definitely changing. Squalls all day today, short sharp gusts and rain for a few minutes to an hour or so. At six this evening the clouds settled enough for the workers boat to come home dry. Very odd was the call from Bear, I’m under attack from flying ants. I counted five, a few indoors but I guess they were quite big.
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Sunday the 26th of May.  YAY boiled eggs. No events save for a couple of small ones in the hard boil pot. Seems funny to have thirty degrees of heat but have to be enclosed in the conservatory. Rain, storms, squalls all day. We bounced, did we bounce.....
The egg sand box is working well. They all get their pointy end Vaselined and stand on their heads in the sand. New have marks and older, use first are plain. The only time there is a vague sound of panic on board is to the word cockroach. Whoever finds it stays with it to keep an eye, the other goes for ‘equipment’. Bear had found this one resting under my hat in the cockpit. It didn’t more all the while I gathered Selotape (mustn’t squadge them in case they are egg carrying) and a packet of bathroom wet wipes. Plan, Selotape seemed too small a weapon so I went with unfolding wet wipe and parachuting over said creature. Oh, he’s a big one. No sooner than it sensed the wet wipe it leapt/flew indoors. Bad language but I was down the stairs in a second and saw my prey resting on the side of the office seat, quick diversion to grab the plastic measuring jug and success. Ooo the so-and-so snuck at speed out through the gap in the plastic rim that forms the handle. I was quicker, re-covered him and poked the wet wipe in the gap. Bear handed the two clear blue plastic folders we use as a night screen on the chartplotter to use as a false floor to the measuring jug and my prey was led to the sink. A watery end, wrapped nicely in wet wipe and sealed in a plastic sandwich bag. I know, I know I can never be a Buddhist....... The most incredible thing is the creature must have been exhausted if he had flown all the way here from the island, just as well he stopped at his first refuge and not taken up squatting indoors........perish the thought.
                     A LOVELY ISLAND TOWNSHIP